What went wrong with call centre outsourcing?

What went wrong with call centre outsourcing?

In a world where businesses rely on outside agencies to handle everything from HR to software development, call centre outsourcing has become a bit of a punchline – a byword for overseas contact centres, where limited English meets unlimited hold times. However, things are changing. And at InTouchNow they are leading the way, with their 24/7, UK-based multi-channel answering service.

When UK organisations started farming out their customer service requirements to countries like India in the early 2000’s, their reasoning was sound. After all, these overseas operations could open up 24/7 support to customers and clients at a low cost. However, in an era where creating a great customer experience is key to carving out a competitive advantage in the marketplace, those low costs are increasingly coming at a high price.

A recent survey by Microsoft found that 90% of potential customers will research an organisation’s customer service reputation before making a decision on whether to do business with them or not. The same survey also revealed that almost 60% of consumers would switch brands based on poor customer service.

Nowadays, consumers have access to unlimited choice at the click of a button, where poor examples of service can be shared with the world via social media, and brand loyalty can be undone by just one bad experience, it’s no longer enough to palm off your customer support channels to an overseas call centre.

Whilst many overseas outsourcing businesses are successful and offer a satisfactory service for businesses – InTouchNow understand the importance of an on-shore, local call answering service. While many  global call centres are staffed by people who speak good English as a second language, they will still struggle to understand the various dialects, accents and phrases that an English person uses in their day-to-day conversation. That language barrier, and the confusion it creates, is the perfect way to damage your customer reputation, alienate people, and generally derail your efforts to raise your customer experience levels.

It’s time your call centre came home.

Fortunately, InTouchNow have the answer. They taken the things that work from overseas call centre outsourcing, and brought them home to the UK. With 24/7 phone, email and other channel answering, they ensure your clients receive the best service possible, and your business remains open and available around the clock from as little as £1 per call.

Their UK team is made up of over 300 operators, who all speak English as a first language and have customer service training and expertise. They guarantee swift responses, and answers that will  ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, 99% of customers who use the service, across multiple businesses, leave with their query resolved.

InTouchNow are reinventing what a modern outsourced contact centre can achieve for your business. Want to try before you buy? Register today for a one month FREE trial.

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