Landlords will no longer be able to reject tenants because of pets.

Landlords will no longer be able to reject tenants because of pets.

A Government overhaul on tenancy contracts could soon see landlords no longer able to pass on a tenant simply because they have a pet, with just 7% of rental properties currently listed allowing pets.

With this change on the horizon, leading rental management platform Howsy, has looked at where across the UK offers the best location for pet-friendly renters when it comes to the abundance of green space available and the better chance of securing a rental property with a garden, all at the lowest financial cost.

Howsy analysed Gov data on land use across each area of England to find the locations with the highest percentage of land attributed to both green space and domestic gardens, taking the top 50 areas for each, before highlighting which of these top 50 were home to the lowest average monthly rental cost.

Green space

When it comes to an abundance of green space, Richmondshire is the best spot with a huge 97.3% of land in the district classified as such, although all top 50 locations have 90%+ of green space as a percentage of all land.

However, when it comes to the highest percentage at the most affordable rental cost, Carlisle tops the table with 91.7% of land classified as green space while the average monthly rent is just £487.

East Lindsey ranks second with the average rent at £513, with Scarborough (£517), Staffordshire Moorlands (£536), West Lindsey (£550), Basset Law (£551), Eden (£570), High Peak (£570), Richmondshire (£587) and Craven (£605) also ranking within the top 10. 


Of course, green space for a good walk is one thing, but having your own garden for your pooch, pussy cat or other various pets can result in some convenient comfort and a space that they can call their own.

Of the top 50 locations with the largest percentage of land classified as domestic gardens, Harrow is the highest with 34.7%, however, it is also amongst the most expensive to rent at £1,407 per month.

Believe it or not, Blackpool is the best location in England to rent at an affordable price with the highest chance of securing a garden for your pet in the process. With 22.8% of land attributed to domestic gardens, it’s also home to an average rent of just £527 per month.

Other areas to make the top 10 include Dudley (£572), Walsall (£572), Wolverhampton (£573), Derby (£586), Sandwell (£589), Leicester (£629), Torbay (£633), Nottingham (£657) and Coventry (£657).

Founder and CEO of Howsy, Calum Brannan, commented:

“Our pets are a big part of our lives so it’s great that the Government is going to look at improving the rental sector for tenants with pets to provide more options when it comes to a place to live.

Of course, we need to be careful that this agreement works for both landlords and tenants and safeguards a landlord’s home as much as it does the tenant’s right to rent it.

Regardless of what happens, it’s vital that anyone thinking of bringing a pet into their rental home does so after considering all aspects, not just whether or not the landlord will allow it.

It’s a huge commitment and one that lasts many years more than the average tenancy agreement, so be sure you are in a position to provide a proper life for your pet and don’t jump in at the deep end just because the Government may decide you can do so.”

Top 50 Domestic gardens as % of land – Cheapest to rent in
Location Domestic garden % Average Monthly Rent
Blackpool 22.8% £527
Dudley 30.4% £572
Walsall 23.3% £572
Wolverhampton 32.1% £573
Derby 27.3% £586
Sandwell 25.0% £589
Leicester 25.2% £629
Torbay 21.9% £633
Nottingham 24.8% £657
Coventry 22.4% £657
Top 50 Green space as % of land – Cheapest to rent in
Location Green space % Average Monthly Rent
Carlisle 91.7% £487
East Lindsey 93.2% £513
Scarborough 94.7% £517
Staffordshire Moorlands 92.9% £536
West Lindsey 95.3% £550
Bassetlaw 91.9% £551
Eden 97.0% £570
High Peak 93.5% £570
Richmondshire 97.3% £587
Craven 97.2% £605
Private Rent  
Land Use  

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