Terms & Conditions

  • EssexWire will publish Contributor’s articles once they have signed up for the service and paid for their subscription.
  • Contributors must be businesses operating within Essex and have an active Contributor Subscription to EssexWire to be eligible to have their stories published on the website.
  • We are happy to publish informative articles alerting readers to new services, products, events, staff members and opportunities BUT will not publish any outright adverts or sales pitches.
  • We will not publish articles which may be construed as libellous, defamatory, derogatory, untrue, misrepresentative or insulting.
  • We encourage members to submit an image and / or video with their articles as well as a link to further information and / or contact details.
  • We reserve the right to edit the news items provided to us to maintain a consistent tone on the website but will not alter the facts.
  • Contributors (and/or agencies acting on behalf of contributors) can only submit news about the business holding a valid Contributor Subscription. News about other businesses will not be published.
  • Each business must sign up separately as a contributor. Agencies and business associations, may not promote their members and/or clients through their own subscription.
  • We’re here to help Essex businesses share their news in an accessible, fair and affordable way and we welcome feedback to help us to improve the service we offer.