Do you want to know what Microsoft, Airbnb and Uber all have in common?

Do you want to know what Microsoft, Airbnb and Uber all have in common?

Aside from being household names, they all started out during recessions.

When it comes to turning dreams into successful businesses, entrepreneurs have never been daunted by economic challenges. In fact, research by insurance giant AXA suggests the opposite is true. They found that a third of UK start-ups were born from redundancy or unemployment.

So, if you’ve come out of lockdown inspired to start your own business, then you’re following in the footsteps of some of the best.

Join Joseph Staines, founder of Ipswich’s newest business incubation centre, Dream Hatcher on Thursday 29th April at 12pm as he discusses what opportunities the incubation centre has to offer new businesses and start-ups.

The Dream Hatcher incubation programme for fledgling businesses is designed to help you define and refine your business and drive it forward, through the next growth stage.

What will Dream Hatcher do for your start-up?

  • Support you for at least six months, so you can prove and establish your business
  • Give you vital practical support, such as free office space, phone lines and broadband, alongside access to meeting rooms
  • Provide mentorship from established business founders
  • Offer marketing support and guidance to identify and reach your target customers.

For expert advice on the opportunities Dream Hatcher can offer new businesses, register for the webinar today via our website.

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