Industry Videos – what they are and what to say!

Industry Videos – what they are and what to say!

Remi Morrison, at Red Cactus Media, explains the behind-the-scenes filming elements you need to know to help advertise your business.

Do you need to make an industry video?

Virtually every company, in any trade can use industry videos to connect with their target audience. They are amazing marketing tools! Video offers the perfect opportunity to educate audiences and demonstrate knowledge to enhance an audience’s trust in a company. In other words, it’s a fab way to show off and get noticed!

Let’s break it down: what is an industry video?

The point of an industry video is to highlight the opportunities your industry provides: in the initial stages of getting known on video, it’s best not to talk purely about your brand. Industry videos can be used to educate or engage people with an important topic or trend; they can also answer questions directly related to the field.

Questions, questions, questions …

Before starting, you need a plan for your video. Here’s a few questions you should consider:

  • What’s a common misconception about your industry?
  • Is there something difficult to understand about your business which you can simplify?
  • Are there questions you often get asked by an interested audience, which you can answer?

Why these questions?

If you can answer these questions, you’re on-point to help and engage potential customers. Most likely, a potential new client may never have heard of your company, so if you can answer probable questions swimming around their head, they’ll immediately start to build trust in your brand

When should you use industry videos?

As with any content, there’s no point in just creating a load of videos if you have no reason or need. You want to be known as the company who creates great videos to help and inform your market. Your industry videos should establish you as an expert, building trust and credibility as a thought leader. So here’s a few prompts on when to use them:

  • When you update your website and want to boost your SEO
  • Advertising specific products or services
  • As part of a marketing campaigns
  • Enhancing written blogs
  • Creating a brand tone and voice
  • Letting people get to know the real you


Providing reliable and valuable information builds great brand trust — which is tantamount to closing a sale. Developing a series of informational videos enables you to establish trust

over time. If trust and customer retention are two of your organisation’s marketing goals, industry videos are a great way to achieve these objectives for your company.

Top five ideas to get you started

1.FAQ — What questions do people frequently ask you about your business, or the services you offer? Make a video answering these questions and then direct people to the URL of the video each time you’re asked a question your video answers. Remember, the more people view your video, the higher it will rank on YouTube or push your website up Google’s SERPS if it’s placed on your website. This will also make people more likely to view your entire website, which will again help you rate higher on Google’s SERPS.

2.Industry trends — Create weekly or monthly videos discussing insights into your industry and how these can benefit your ideal target audience. Can you provide industry trends which will help your customers? Educating and informing other businesses and potential customers on these subjects encourages you to be seen as a thought leader and to further develop trust in your brand.

3.How you and your business choose to conduct business — People and businesses are increasingly choosing more carefully who they buy from or use; aligning themselves alongside those who share their principles. Do your potential customers know how you work? Inform people about the matters which mean most to you and your company. What drives your vision and mission statement? How do you ensure your beliefs are reflected in the manner your company conducts business? For example, are you guided by improving sustainability – if so, how? Are you proud of your workplace culture, and work hard to encourage inclusivity or cultivate wellbeing in your employee’s work lives? If so, how?

4.Topic specific content — Think how many times you have typed in how to or how do I …  If you can create how-to video guides for information specific to your industry or directions for your customers to learn how to use your products or services, you’ll be helping them and demonstrating exactly how much value your business, product or service can be of use to them. How to videos provide useful advice and build interest and trust in brands.

5.Thoughts and interests — What makes you and your team passionate about your industry? Tell people! Include thoughts on pieces you’ve learnt or recently discovered that interest or intrigue you. If you find something curious, the odds are high that your potential clients will also be fascinated.


You’ve just nailed a series of great industry videos! Your target audience are going to love your information and appreciate the time and effort your organisation has put into engaging with them. Just think about the things you want to know when researching a new product or service and apply the process to your target audience and their needs. If your business can centre all videos around finding solutions for your customers, your industry videos will be a hit!

If you’ve got any worries or just want to chat video ideas through with someone who knows a thing or two about creating great industry videos, email

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