Leadership & Life Chat – Adapting to culture change and empathy in business with storytelling coach Jamie Dixon

Leadership & Life Chat – Adapting to culture change and empathy in business with storytelling coach Jamie Dixon

Jamie has worked with 160 multi-national companies as a corporate coach and trainer and has lived in Shanghai for 15 years. He chats to James and Mark about the profound impact Chinese culture and traditions has had on his thinking and how he delivers his work to his clients, specifically around the ideas of pragmatism, practicality and philosophy, and what he has learnt about high context communication.

He reflects on his early years in China and how the language barriers made him feel vulnerable and inspired in equal measure. He shares lessons he learnt about the cultural differences in not just business, but also daily life, and how businesses should learn and embrace Chinese culture in order to successfully break into the Chinese market.

Jamie chats about his passion for helping people to learn the tools needed to help reframe thinking, and create and connect with stories within their business, and how we can better cultivate our relationships by focusing on a mindset of understanding, to aid in success.

This is a must-listen for anyone thinking of dipping their toe in the Asian market, with some valuable insights from a prolific coach and author on working in the market.

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Jamie’s books:

The Story Habit: How Leaders Shape Stories That Drive Action

Overcome and Get It Done


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