Leadership & Life Chat – The power of diversity, inclusion and coaching in leadership, with Brenda Harrington

Leadership & Life Chat – The power of diversity, inclusion and coaching in leadership, with Brenda Harrington

This week’s episode is a fascinating insight into a brilliant mind, exploring the importance of diversity and coaching in leadership.


Brenda Harrington is a business coach, founder of Adaptive Leadership Strategies, and author, who advocates for the benefits of learning and development outside of our core competencies and professions. These skills were vital for business leaders to help them ‘survive’ the COVID-19 lockdowns. This period also allowed Brenda the space to put onto paper her thoughts and lessons on diversity, empathy and inclusion in business, publishing her book Access Denied: Addressing Workplace Disparities and Discrimination.

Mark and Becky are both huge fans of coaching, a topic discussed on the pod many times, and they pick Brenda’s brain about why there are so many business leaders who still don’t have coaches. Brenda breaks down the difference between coaches and mentors, and how coaching provides a safe environment for leaders to not just vent, but also find inspiration and guidance, all whilst being respectfully held to account.


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Show notes:

Brenda’s book – Access Denied: Addressing Workplace Disparities and Discrimination

Connect with Brenda – LinkedIn, Instagram @theauthorbharringtonEmail

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