New platform launches to connect UK’s young people with real-life opportunities

New platform launches to connect UK’s young people with real-life opportunities

The first UK-wide dedicated social content platform connecting 13–24-year-olds to their own passions and interests launches at Wembley Stadium. Slenky, built by collaborating with young people and partners including the FA, Brent Council, Encore and Arcadis has been created to radically update the culture of youth engagement, and the way businesses and organisations connect with young people. Slenky aims to make it easier for businesses to attract and engage future talent, and for every young person, no matter what their background, to access life-changing opportunities and shape their own future.

Slenky can be accessed via an app or the website, and additionally distributes content direct to users via their own social media channels. The platform enables leading brands and businesses, SMEs, local authorities and charities to post meaningful opportunities or ‘Shots’ directly to the traditionally ‘hard to reach’ 13-24-year-old audience.  Shots which match their passions and interests, whether that be art, tech, sport or travel, are shared across the platforms they use, such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, and can include events, training, competitions, apprenticeships, workshops, work placements or jobs.

Cec Richards, CEO and Founder of Slenky, said: “Many organisations are feeling the pressure, and rightly so, to demonstrate that their brand and their workforce reflects the diversity of the UK. Youth engagement, in particular, has always been challenging, and with the growth of social media and high volumes of content it’s even harder for brands to be seen. Slenky, by using the most up-to-date technology, helps brands and organisations to create relevant and engaging social content and connect directly with talented young people of all backgrounds in a format they understand and through channels they use every day.

“We believe everyone deserves a fair Shot and that’s why we created Slenky to make it easier for organisations to play a part in a young person’s success while also positioning them as a relevant and accessible future employer.  Digital communication is changing fast. Instead of young people struggling to find you, Slenky takes you to them.”

Mark Burrows, Chief Operating Officer, The FA, said: “Our work with Slenky over the past few years has enabled us to increase our community engagement. We have been delighted by the collaborative community partnerships this has created. Engaging with and supporting our local communities is hugely important to us at Wembley Stadium. We support the Learning Zone, a dedicated classroom facility on site run by Brent Council, which has seen 70,000 students come to Wembley since the new stadium was built. In that time we have also provided a proportion of our tickets sales from every event to the Wembley National Stadium Limited Trust, which has donated £6.5m to community projects. We are currently expanding our community work and by working with Slenky we hope we can make a much bigger impact and reach communities that we have struggled to reach in the past”.

Dan Hardings, Technical Sales Manager, Encore UK, said “We believe Encore, as one of the largest event production companies would be an attractive option for Slenky users and can provide opportunities to either start or progress their careers. We are currently in a period of strong growth where we are recruiting in nearly all areas of the business which is expected to continue for some time.”

With 98% of young people accessing information via their smartphones, Slenky helps brands and businesses engage directly with young audiences by supporting organisations and turning their existing opportunities into easily accessible social content. We help young people better understand themselves and the world of work, including school leavers not going to university, so they can make informed and confident decisions about what they’d like to do after education. Our search engine uses our audiences’ language, so we can engage with large and very diverse audiences, helping partners to connect, and to use data and insights to improve their communications.

For more information visit the Slenky website

Photo by Dolapo Ayoade on Unsplash

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