New To Business? Avanti Want To help You

New To Business? Avanti Want To help You

Unless your employee background is based in sales, it is quite likely that selling your new business to potential clients will be one of the hardest challenges you face as a business start-up. To be fair, even if you do have experience, it may be out dated, so it’s never too late to refine those skills, and continue polishing your skills in this specific area.

We often find when meeting business owners that the hardest thing for them to talk about is themselves and why you should be spending your money with them and buying their product, because so often for an entrepreneur – speaking about yourself is awkward, and as Brits we just don’t blow our own trumpets!

What you need though to be successful is for your market to buy into you, once you have sold the idea of you and what you can do for someone else, you’ve got their business – people buy people! Time to transform from caterpillar to butterfly and spread those wings, you need to stop the self-doubt and as Richard Branson said “fake it ‘till you make it” . It really doesn’t matter if you are shaking on the inside, if your exterior appears to be that of someone who genuinely believes in what they’re selling, and your nerves, well that’s what makes you human, you don’t need to be a robot to be successful.  The landscape for entrepreneurs has changed.

To get yourself in front of people who will buy from you, you’ll need to bang on doors, and be willing to shout about your idea – remember to sell a solution, for each objection posed to you, there is a response and through the conversations you’ll be building rapport and connections for your businesses future sustainability.

Grab opportunities to speak publicly, and push yourself to network for your business. You will find a range of business networking groups available, visit as many as you can to get a feel for what will work for you. You’ll network at your best when you’re in surroundings that you are comfortable in, here’s  a few handy hints if you’re nervous about networking;

·         Check out the venue ahead of the day, do a practice run of the journey.  As silly as it may sound, rushing and wondering if we’re heading in the right direction, taking wrong times etc all add to our anxiety and make us nervous, if you feel like this on the day when you arrive, you will not make the first impression you are hoping for.

·         Request a copy of the guest list.  If you ask, you may find that the organiser sends you a list of attendees so you can plan for your connections.

·         If you’re nervous, tell the group host.

They can then plan for this, and ensure you are seated where you are happy, and plan any speaking presentations to suit you e.g. if you’d like to g first or last. They can introduce you to the right people to ease you in for a successful meeting.

The team at Avanti Networking are always on hand with professionalism, a friendly ear, and a warm welcome to help you start making connections for your business today. If you’re the type of person who ‘hates’ networking,  Avanti could be the solution you’ve been looking for, with fantastic member retention and proven track record trust us to help move you and your business forward.

This summer, grab yourself a juicy 25% off the membership fee when submitting a membership application throughout July and August.

To start communicating, collaborating and connecting, call Avanti for details of groups in Essex and Suffolk.

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