The Challenges of Lockdown 2 for your team and how you can help

The Challenges of Lockdown 2 for your team and how you can help
 There is no denying global mental health issues rose considerably under the last lockdown – and the shortened daylight and inclement weather will surely bring on the winter blues this time around – Chief Executive Officer Andy Nicol of ABSTRACT UK  explains.
As an employer it is important not to forget about your unseen workforce. In fact, there’s a real opportunity to give them the tools they need to really excel under these circumstances.

The right tools for the job:
Many experience problems with the day to day of working from home – things that are usually taken for granted in the office such as WiFi bandwidth, reliable hardware, access to a printer, comfortable chairs and suitable lighting. A lack of access to shared files and applications also leads to frustration. These problems can all lead to working from home being a pretty miserable experience.
Take a look at the tools your people have at their disposal, sun lamps, regular social catch ups and ensuring they make time for fresh air and exercise can help to turn dark and depressing into comfortable and productive.
Take the time to speak to your team about their requirements and concerns and perhaps consider professional support.
ABSTRACT UK  offer a series of webinars that has helped many teams to communicate effectively,  act with confidence and build their resilience during the last lockdown.
Healthy habits
Social interaction is good for the soul and even with restrictions in place it is important to take time out to socialise face to face (whilst adhering to all the latest guidance and regulations of course).
Anything that encourages your team to take some exercise – though not as easy or appealing in winter months – is also a positive move. Encouraging movement and fresh air as part of a daily routine has many mental and physical health benefits and provides vital vitamin D which helps people to stay energised.
The restrictions and worries that our first winter with Covid19 brings are not to be dismissed. There are real practical actions that we can take to make things easier on our people, to train ourselves to be able to take this new world in our stride.
ABSTRACT UK offer virtual training, tailored to your business needs, that can prepare your people through their own personal toolkit of great resilience, confidence and communication that will help them to emerge in Spring relatively unscathed by the winter months.
Give ABSTRACT UK a call to talk through your requirements, your people and your customers will thank you for looking after their best interests.
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