What Brits would like to be able to take insurance out on

What Brits would like to be able to take insurance out on

Brits would love to be able to take out insurance against incompetent politicians and a rubbish love life, according to a new study. 

They make the top ten list of things we wish we could take out a policy on, which includes noisy neighbours, being cheated on by a partner and being a victim of online bank fraud. 


Other weird things people would like to insure include a wig, a pert bum, buying fashionable shoes that hurt when you wear them, and even happiness, according to research by comparison site Money Expert


When it comes to more serious cover, it’s no surprise that one in five people questioned in a poll of 136 adults in the East/ East Anglia would like to have insurance related to Covid-19, especially against financial loss and disrupted travel plans


Despite almost all of us having some form of policy, many of us don’t think insurance is worth it and one in ten have no idea what common terms like “excess” and “premium” actually mean. Shockingly, almost nobody bothers to read the small print all the way through. 


Money Expert boss Jason Smith (www.moneyexpert.com) said: “There are some things in life you just can’t insure against unfortunately. But the more conventional policies are key to peace of mind, protecting us if we fall ill and covering some of the more expensive items in our lives.” 


“It’s also vital that people research the types of policy available and then take time to read the fine print so there are no nasty surprises if they have to make a claim.” 


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