Health and Safety concerns in the wake of COVID-19

Health and Safety concerns in the wake of COVID-19

With the latest Covid-19 government update confirming that lockdown restrictions are being eased and allowing some to return back to work, many employers are wondering the regulations surrounding this and how to do this safely. Attwells solicitors have provided a quick overview to help those who are unsure what this means for them. Here Attwells offers their top eight tips for office-based businesses:

1. If possible, desks should be back to back or side to side.

2. Work stations and common areas to be taped (i.e. reception/kitchen).

3. Hand sanitiser to be available at many points. Especially at entry/exit points, kitchens and bathrooms.

4. Limit no. of people in common areas at any one time.

5. Where applicable, only 1 person using lift at a time.

6. Door handles, phones and keyboards to be wiped regularly.

7. Consider staggering peoples start/finish times.

8. Consider face masks for reception/public facing staff.

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