Climate Quitting

Climate Quitting

Younger employees are leaving their jobs and prioritising the planet 

ONE IN FIVE employees will turn down work if company’s ESG strategies don’t align with their values

SaveMoneyCutCarbon launches EcoWise programme helping companies achieve ESG goals while supporting staff’s sustainability and wellbeing

KPMG has unveiled a report finding that companies’ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments now hold a persuasive influence on their staff recruitment/retainment prospects, with half of the UK workforce, stating they will turn down a job if it doesn’t align with their values. The report also identified a growing trend named ‘climate quitting’ whereby millennial and Gen Z workers are actively seeking out new employment that is more environmentally conscious. As employees take more of an active stance in the companies they choose to work for, organisations are kick-started into taking more initiative in their ESG strategies.

In light of this, Britain’s leading money-saving platform through sustainability – SaveMoneyCutCarbon – has launched its industry-first 12-month programme, EcoWise, aimed at encouraging staff to employ practical changes at work and at home to save money on energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Embarking on this simultaneously provides quantifiable data for firms to report on their ESG strategies.

For employees to be fully engaged, it’s imperative that they feel their voices are being heard, their values are being taken into consideration, and their work is making a positive difference. A landmark report from SaveMoneyCutCarbon found that 34% of Brits agreed that they would be more loyal to their workplace if they provided them more detailed information on how to be greener at work and at home, yet 56% agreed that their employer provides them with zero information on how to be more sustainable.

How EcoWise Works:
The platform is designed to assess the carbon literacy of your staff at the start & end to measure improvement over time.

It also provides access to weekly easy-to-read articles, guides, and other content designed to encourage behaviour change through their “Sustainability as a Service” (SaaS) platform – combining advice, education, and tools plus end-to-end delivery of building decarbonisation projects. A key part of every service they offer is access to Impact Statements, which measure the impact of the changes you, your customers, your supply chain, and your employees make. This data can then be used to enhance your ESG reporting.

EcoWise rewards employees for learning how to be more sustainable, cutting their energy bills and saving money. Each time an employee reads an article and completes a quiz they receive Planet Points which can be used to purchase thousands of eco-friendly items from the SaveMoneyCutCarbon online shop.

Data from your employees’ Impact Statements can be aggregated & anonymised for your ESG reporting. As a key part of every service offered is access to Impact Statements, which measure the impact of the changes you, your customers, your supply chain, and your employees make.

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