EDF, a leader in zero carbon energy, has joined the Hydrogen Taskforce

EDF, a leader in zero carbon energy, has joined the Hydrogen Taskforce

The Hydrogen Taskforce is delighted to welcome another member to its coalition of the UK’s largest organisations that operate and innovate in and across the hydrogen sector. EDF will support the Taskforce by adding its extensive experience in providing low-carbon and sustainable energy to the UK to this coalition’s work.

EDF is Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity and is investigating ways of producing hydrogen using energy from nuclear power and renewables. The Taskforce will include representatives from Sizewell C, EDF’s proposed nuclear power plant in Suffolk.  The project hopes to use hydrogen produced from power supplied by neighboring Sizewell B to lower carbon emissions during construction. Once built, the power station could also produce hydrogen flexibly while supplying low carbon electricity to millions of UK homes and businesses. Sizewell C’s hydrogen proposals are an important part of the Freeport East Hydrogen Hub, a plan recently endorsed by the Government to turn Felixstowe and Harwich into a low carbon Freeport.

The Taskforce welcomed the Prime Minister’s recent announcement that the Government is committed to developing 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030 and £240 million to support new hydrogen production facilities, as part of its plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’. EDF has a significant role in meeting the UK’s hydrogen ambitions, creating green jobs, and ensuring that the UK reaches its net zero targets by 2050.

The Taskforce is working closely with key stakeholders in Government to ensure that the forthcoming UK Hydrogen Strategy is reflective of the ambition of industry in the UK, as this document will set out the UK’s trajectory in hydrogen. Following its report in March 2020, the Taskforce has been advising the Government on hydrogen policy.

The Taskforce looks forward to working with EDF to support the analysis that it provides to Government and to highlight innovative production methods, as well as the potential for hydrogen to decarbonise energy and industry while stimulating major regional investment and supporting high-quality jobs.

The Taskforce has been providing evidence to the Government on how hydrogen can support the UK’s economic recovery, post-COVID-19. Its landmark economic impact assessment, published in August 2020, forecast that hydrogen could be worth up to £18bn to the UK and create 75,000 jobs across the UK economy by 2035.

EDF’s position as a leading supplier of energy can support the contribution that hydrogen will have to the UK’s economy and as a leader in advanced hydrogen production technologies. The Taskforce looks forward to working with EDF to ensure that its expertise and understanding of the energy system is reflected in its work with Government.

Commenting on EDF and Sizewell C joining the Hydrogen Taskforce, Julia Pyke, Finance and Economic Regulation Director for Sizewell C said:

Constant low carbon electricity from nuclear is a great way of producing clean, green hydrogen. If Sizewell C gets the go-ahead, an electrolyser powered by Sizewell B could allow us to make fuel for hydrogen vehicles and plant used during construction. It could also kickstart a whole new hydrogen market in the East of England, including supporting Freeport East

In the longer term, Sizewell C could produce large amounts of green hydrogen and bring added flexibility to the energy system. We look forward to sharing our experiences with the Hydrogen Taskforce and contributing to the UK’s wider plans for this crucial net zero technology.

Gareth Morrell, Co-lead on the Hydrogen Taskforce Secretariat and Head of Insights at Madano added:

The Hydrogen Taskforce is a trusted advisor to the UK Government on hydrogen. Its members work across the breadth of the hydrogen value chain and are, therefore, ideally positioned to provide industry’s perspective on this sector.

 EDF is a major player in the UK energy supply chain and Sizewell C is potentially capable of creating vast amounts of low carbon hydrogen that can support the UK’s route to Net Zero. EDF’s joining the Taskforce will add their significant experience, diversity and expertise to this coalition’s work engaging with the UK Government, which is currently devising a UK Hydrogen Strategy.”

To find out how Hydrogen Taskforce are bringing together the leading companies pushing hydrogen into the mainstream in the UK to offer a shared vision for the role of hydrogen in the energy transition visit the website 

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