Abraham Okusanya‘s latest whitepaper on retirement spending patterns

Abraham Okusanya‘s latest whitepaper on retirement spending patterns

Leading voice on decumulation, Abraham Okusanya, has released a white paper that busts myths around retirement spending left, right and centre. Why? Because it’s imperative for people to have the facts when deciding when to retire, how much they might need, and the optimum amount they can spend during this critical final phase.


In this hotly anticipated whitepaper, Abraham Okusanya explores the data to set the record straight once and for all around the spectre of care and end of life costs, the patterns and trends in how expenditure changes in retirement – based on real life statistics. What’s more, the research looks at all sorts of demographics and risk appetites – from working age to retirement, from frugal to extravagant and everything in between.


Abraham Okusanya explains his rationale for undertaking the research: “It’s all about clearing the unhelpful noise out of the way, so financial advisers can focus on the hunt for the optimum, sustainable withdrawal amount – the holy grail for their clients. Spending too much and spending too little each brings its own issues. Misleading preconceptions around retirement spending need to be pushed aside, so advisers can generate the best outcomes for their clients, based on real data.”


Download a copy of the whitepaper here >> https://try.timelineapp.co/retirementspendingpattern/

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