Evolve Financial Solutions share their tips for moving home to a new area

Evolve Financial Solutions share their tips for moving home to a new area

According to Estate Agents Hamptons, Londoners bought 73,950 homes outside the capital in 2020 – the highest number in four years – with data suggesting that rural areas were high on the list of desired locations.

But, as restrictions are lifted there has also been a shift towards buyers returning to London and property search engine OnTheMarket reports a 31 per cent increase in London property searches in the last 12 months by people not living in the capital. However the majority of these seem keen to retain some of their new found space and outdoor living and searches favour the greener, more spacious areas such as Wimbledon Village, Richmond, Chiswick and Ealing.

Mortgage advisor Evolve Financial Solutions, based in the East of England, have highlighted some key points when considering relocating:

“Whether you’re eager to take advantage of the prospect long term remote working offers to where you can live, or are simply ready for a change of scene, it’s important to factor in everything you need to ensure your big move goes smoothly” Evolve suggest, “research is key!”

  1. Make a list of all the geographical points that are important to you – everything from good schools to transport links, do you want to be near a park or close to a high street and shops. Do you want to drive 30minutes to do your weekly shopping? You can add to this list as you start to look at areas
  2. If you still need to be close to work or will be travelling to the city or airport regularly decide how far you can be from this point and draw a circle that covers that distance. Make the radius of this the boundary of your search.
  3. If you don’t need to be travelling to work and geography isn’t an issue then your budget may be the deciding factor – speak to a mortgage advisor to get an idea of what you can spend and then use this to research prices in various areas.
  4. Visit – but not just for a few hours – spend a weekend in your preferred area, or a weekday, get a real feel for the place.
  5. Social media – when you have an idea of the areas you are interested in look at use Facebook to join local groups and ask people already living there for their thoughts on the area.

“When it comes to the more practical side of things, that’s where Evolve can help. We can help you establish what kind of mortgage you’ll need, and then secure you a great deal, including accessing offers that aren’t available to the general public. And that way, with our support, when your ideal home pops up on the market, you’ll be in prime position to book an early viewing, get your offer in, and make your dream come true”.

For more tips and guidance on relocating visit the Evolve blog here.



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