Don’t be fooled by the heart healthy label that vegetables are given!

Don’t be fooled by the heart healthy label that vegetables are given!

If you absorb just one message from me, let it be this one. Vegetable oils are poison to the human body, and they are the key culprit in the soaring rates of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and dementia

Which oils am I talking about? Sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, corn, grapeseed and safflower. All the oils that we have been told for years are heart healthy.

Before the late 1700’s we had never ingested these substances. Well, apart from when we ate the whole foods from whence, they came.

A Frenchman called Mège-Mouriès worked out how to make industrial lubricants into a cheap alternative to butter. His oleomargarine did not go down well with the French (butter alternatives still don’t), and he went on to sell the patent to a Dutch company who were to become the conglomerate Unilever with margarine hitting the big time in America and the UK. After the trans fat scare of recent years the term margarine has been replaced with many other types of spread that are still as toxic, but just marketed in a different way. Make no mistake, these oils are convenient to the food industry because they are cheap to produce.

Why are these oils so bad for us? They confuse the immune system which gets the body to turn in on itself and can even lead to auto-immune brain disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons.

And this is not something that has just been discovered. In 1964 an Austrian biochemist called Hermann Esterbauer found that these oils caused aldehydes (the most famous aldehyde is formaldehyde, used to preserve dead bodies!) to be formed inside you. He revealed that his studies showed that they cause rapid cell death as they interfere with DNA and RNA, disturbing basic cell function. And it occurs in every possible kind of tissue.

And since these oils are also used in almost every type of processed food, we are consuming them on a larger scale than ever before. We’ve gone from approx. 13g in 1909 to approx. 38g in 2005 (probably more in 2022) per person per day. Unsurprisingly with this rise in consumption, we’ve also seen a huge rise in chronic diseases.

So, what can you do to cut your consumption?

Firstly, you need to get comfortable with cooking your own meals (groan! But I can help you with that) and secondly avoid all the aisles that come after the fresh meat, veg and dairy sections in the supermarket (you can go to the egg aisle too!).

Cook with olive oil, coconut oil, lard, beef dripping, goose fat, butter and ghee, which are all naturally occurring fats.

If you want chips at home, why not try my chunky chip recipe, which take about 5 minutes more than the effort to cook supermarket oven chips without the side order of DNA damage!

But if you’re struggling to understand why your health isn’t as good as it should be, then why not head over to the website to get some FREE advice and recipes to treat yourself to a bigger slice of life.

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