There’s something not so super about superfoods

There’s something not so super about superfoods

Are you up to date with the latest super food?

Goji berries are so noughties, aren’t they? But they definitely spring to mind.

Google superfoods and you obviously get millions of results. A general rule of thumb being that if it is a whole food, it has been hailed a superfood at some point.

So, if you just ate one of these foods all the time would you have a super body? Of course not.

There are also many foods on the list I would argue aren’t super at all and should in fact be on the pooperfood list (sorry couldn’t think of a decent rhyming word). Namely anything containing the fruit sugar fructose.

In the 21st century we have made it so complicated to discern what is good for us and what is doing us harm that many people simply switch off from even hearing information that will give them a fresh helping of health.

Before I became a nutritional advisor, I was right at the front of the queue for new info on what diet would make me lose weight quickest. 99 calories? Yes please. Superfood in my low-fat yoghurt, sure, I’ll have double helpings.

But at that time, I had a gut feeling the food advice wasn’t doing its job. The weight piled on and my chronic eczema just would not quit.

I had periodically stuck to low calorie diets at slimming clubs and lost 3 stone three times, which is 9 stone over a 10-year period! But it just kept coming back. Why? I know now that it was because it didn’t change my sugar addiction and it didn’t serve my biology.

A twist of fate led to me becoming a qualified nutritional advisor with an alternative view. The answers came early on that the root cause of almost every chronic illness is sugar in all its various forms. It also led to me throwing out my bathroom scales for good. I finally got rid of the eczema after 40 years and the size of jeans I wear remains consistent. Total result.

Hailed as a superfood in a lab? It doesn’t matter, if your body turns it into sugar in your bloodstream it can cause you problems.

The misguided advice of the past 50 years has been to cut fat. The food industry responded by taking out the fat for us. And what did they replace it with to make the food palatable? Sugar of course. So instead of us sticking with foods that fill us up based on natural fat and protein, we ate more and more sugar as a replacement and here we are, half a century later, and to use the technical term, we’re in a right old state! The treatment of type 2 diabetes now costs the NHS in excess of £25,000 per minute. And its sky-rocketing prevalence coincided with the 50-year-old low-fat high-sugar advice.

Don’t be fooled by superfoods. Don’t be fooled by foods with a health label on the packet and a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Stick to foods grown in the sun, packed with protein, the fat that grows with them and low sugar vegetables and your body will be superfueled.

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