Stimuli launch audio-based ADHD therapy service

Stimuli launch audio-based ADHD therapy service

Stimuli announce the launch of their accessible audio-based therapy service for people with, or seeking a diagnosis of, ADHD.

After his own recent diagnosis, Stimuli’s founder Harit Gillar was inspired to help others manage their ADHD.

Harit says: “Getting my ADHD diagnosis brought up a mixture of feelings. On one hand, it brought a sense of grief and regret over the lost opportunities and years. On the other – it helped me finally understand and explain the lifelong challenges and shortcomings I’d experienced in all aspects of my life.

“But a diagnosis is just the start. For many, the journey towards getting a handle on their ADHD is intimidating and fraught with difficulties. With Stimuli, I’m using my own insights, alongside clinical expertise from a team of specialists, to give people the tools and skills they need to manage their ADHD more effectively.”

The Stimuli team also includes Clinical Lead Steve Shave, a BABCP accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapist and COO Stella Friedrich, a programme assistant at CAMH, Canada’s leading mental health institution. Both of them also have ADHD and so understand the struggles and challenges Stimuli are tackling.

In recent years, the number of people requesting referrals for ADHD diagnoses has surged dramatically, increasing by 750% since 2015 in Norfolk and Suffolk alone. But unfortunately, the wait for an assessment and treatment can take many months to years.

Designed with the ADHD mind in mind.

Crucially, unlike other forms of ADHD treatment, users don’t require a formal diagnosis to access Stimuli. Instead, the platform offers a range of courses to take its users from understanding and recognising the impact ADHD has on their day-to-day existence, to developing effective techniques and strategies to facilitate healthy and happy lifestyles.

Users can also access modules on specific elements of their condition, such as managing the effects ADHD has on their working lives, improving time-keeping, and regulating emotions.

Not just another app, Stimuli’s modules are sent via WhatsApp, meeting their clients where they’re at, and not relying on users to have to remember to use another app.

All these courses are designed and presented by Stimuli’s team of coaches, therapists and nutritionists.

As Harit says:  “Many people live seemingly normal lives while masking their symptoms, which affects their quality of life in so many ways. Understanding this condition leads to acceptance and ultimately better mental health and overall wellbeing. And Stimuli provides that. Whether someone is just becoming aware of their ADHD, is awaiting a formal diagnosis, or has been diagnosed and is struggling to understand what to do next, our platform supports its users every step of the way.”

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