‘Tis the season to be jolly and here is the ultimate hangover cure

‘Tis the season to be jolly and here is the ultimate hangover cure

As we try to make the most of this festive season, especially after the 2020 restrictions, it could be tempting to go totally crazy with alcohol this year

That said, if there’s an invite to anything, I’ll be accepting it!

We’ll get to the ultimate hangover cure soon, but in the meantime lets talk about the health implications of various drinks and not all of them are bad, so don’t worry, I’m not advising you to be teetotal.

One alcoholic drink that has benefits is red wine which contains resveratrol, an antioxidant, although it is slightly negated by the affects of the alcohol within. Resveratrol is also found in the skins of dark berries.

If you didn’t know, alcohol is seen as a toxin by your body, and for that reason the liver works hard to metabolise it above everything else. Digestion, hormone regulation (ladies in the menopause do you find increased symptoms when you drink?) and just about every other maintenance job is put on hold.

On top of this, not all alcoholic beverages are created equal when it comes to their sugar content. This is a double whammy for your hardworking liver, as fructose, the principal sugar here, can only be metabolized by the liver. That’s why certain drinks will be laying down fat before you’ve finished the glass.

So which drinks are best avoided, and which have less impact?

Have you noticed the craze for all sorts of flavoured gins recently? Gin is a great low sugar tipple but buy a rhubarb and ginger or clementine version and the added sugar skyrockets. Then there’s your Irish Cream drinks, sherry, dessert wines, strong artisan beers, Perry cider and mulled wine all with very high sugar contents. We then make matters worse by adding mixers, usually juices (loads of fructose) which increase the load. Even sugar free mixers signal the body to respond as if it is receiving sugar.

The hangover comes as your body tries to expel the toxin (alcohol) and along with it your essential electrolytes and water. Cue the headache. If what you drank was also sugar loaded you will have a mental crash, as sugar impacts the chemical balance of the brain. It impacts how you sleep as your body temperature drops due to the extra energy it takes to rid you of the pollutant. Boy your body is clever.

Now for the better choices on the lower sugar front, whereby the yeast has used up most of the sugar content: spirits mixed with soda water and a squeeze of citrus fruit, champagne, prosecco, dry red and white wines, and some lagers.

And so, to the hangover cure. It all comes down to replacing the depleted electrolytes I previously mentioned and re-hydrating yourself.

After your Christmas or New Year party, before you go to sleep, take 300mg of magnesium citrate and two pinches of sea salt one at a time, (as long as you’re not on blood pressure medication) on the back of the tongue washed down with a big glass of water. Repeat the process in the morning if the hangover is still present. Very simple and very effective.

My aim is to look after yourself whilst having fun in the process.

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