Data reveals: Which regions in the UK work the longest hours?

Data reveals: Which regions in the UK work the longest hours?

The cost-of-living crisis is having a significant effect on the wellbeing of many workers, with nearly a third seeking extra hours to make ends meet, according to a poll by CIPHR.

The recent poll also showed that 31 per cent reported working more hours and extra shifts over the last few months because of the increased living costs.

With that being said, the team at SEO Agency Clickslice have analysed recent ONS data to reveal the regions across the UK that are currently working the longest hours. Over 27,000 people were surveyed across the UK in both full-time and part-time positions.

Region Male full-time Female full-time Male part-time Female part-time
Northern Ireland 39.3 37.5 17 19.6
East Midlands (England) 39.1 37.4 17.9 19.8
East (England) 39 37.4 17.5 18.5
West Midlands (England) 38.9 37.5 19.3 20
Yorkshire and The Humber (England) 38.6 37 18.8 19.6
North East (England) 38.3 37 19.4 20
North West (England) 37.9 37.4 18.4 20
South West (England) 37.8 37.2 18.1 19.5
London (England) 37.5 37.4 18.4 19.3
Scotland 37.5 37 18.7 20
South East (England) 37.5 37.5 16.6 19.5
Wales 37.5 37 17.3 20


Males in Northern Ireland work the longest hours in full-time work, with an average of 39.3 hours a week. This is followed by males in the east midlands (England) who work 39.1 hours, and those in the east of England work 39 hours, on average.


For females, Northern Ireland comes out on top again. Females in Northern Ireland work 37.5 hours a week, on average. This is tied with South East England and the West Midlands, who also work 37.5 hours a week.


Males in the Northeast of England work the longest part-time hours, with 19.4 on average. This is followed by the West Midlands who work 19.3.

Females in the Northeast, North West, Wales and West Midlands work the longest part-time hours, with 20 on average.


Joshua George, CEO of Clickslice said: “The working hours of people around the country differentiates depending on where they live. Those working in Northern Ireland are working longer full-time hours than anyone else in the country.


“While employees may be working longer hours due to the cost-of-living adjustment, it’s important to remember that burnout can seriously affect mental health. Make sure to use your annual leave and take regular breaks to avoid work fatigue.”


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