How to: Keep Snowflakes, Millenials & GEN-Z happy in the work place

How to: Keep Snowflakes, Millenials & GEN-Z happy in the work place

With the average employee spending over 92,000 hours at work during their lifetime, it’s no surprise that the daily slog can leave us feeling a little low sometimes. That’s why it’s important for employers to be exploring ways to boost the spirits of their employees, not only because it avoids the negative effects of stress and anxiety, but because it’s also been found to increase productivity.

So… What is the best remedy to boost millennial employees happiness at work? With these snowflakes how can you meet the ever-more demanding expectations of this new generational wave of recruits?

To answer these questions, Liberty Games have surveyed office workers across the country to discover what items/factors would decrease their stress and increase their happiness at work. See there findings here.

  • Whilst alcohol, dogs and beanbags might spring to mind as ‘office perks’ 33% of the nation chose healthy snacks as their top factor to increase happiness at work. Perfect temperature came second with 30% of respondents choosing this, and cleanliness with 26%.
  • Norwich workers are the biggest dog lovers, with 39% stating that an office dog would be a top choice for decreasing stress at work
  • Men’s top factor for increased happiness at work was office games, whilst for women it was healthy snacks and drinks – Newcastle workers also chose office games as their top choice for a happier office

The top ten factors voted to decrease stress and increase happiness at work are:


Rank Decrease stress factor Percentage
1 Healthy snacks and drinks 33
2 Perfect climate 30
3 Cleanliness 26
4 Relaxation/Sleep zones 21
5 Subsidised food 21
6 A dog 20
7 Office Games 19
8 Parking 17
9 Plants 17
10 Gym 15

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