The essential worker roles topping the Google search data

The essential worker roles topping the Google search data

From healthcare to national security, essential workers across the world are doing their bit in the battle against coronavirus to protect the public and keep the world working in incredibly challenging times. Their heroic efforts are a true inspiration to everyone, so much so, searches for key worker roles have skyrocketed.

The personal finance experts at created the 2020 Key Worker Nation Report after analysing the last 90 days of Google Search data* for 24 essential worker roles** to reveal which jobs have become more popular, alongside the areas of the UK that are searching for them the most.

We’ve never been more interested in key worker roles….

Overall search volume for key worker roles rise by 67% but for the top ten most popular roles search volumes were up on average by 164%.

Searches for healthcare jobs has increased by an average of 82%
Delivery Driver Jobs searched for the most with +475% in last 90 day
All three healthcare careers in the study increased in interest; Care Workers (+144%), Midwives (+77%) and Nurses (+25%)
Fire Service (-40%), Police (-21%) and Border Force (-15%) all experienced a decrease in interest for their respective career searches

Most popular key worker role searches…

Key worker roles in the Food and Necessary Goods category topped the list, with three times more searches (239%) over the 90-day period, followed by Key Public Service roles, with twice as many searches (139%). Health and Social Care roles were third in the list with an 82% increase in interest.

Search data from Google also reveals that different areas of the UK are more interested in becoming key workers than others. Belfast is the top-searching location, with the most interest in Solicitors, Funeral Directors and ChildmindersDelivery driver jobs were searched for the most in Birmingham, and Supermarket work was the most sought after in Leeds.

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