UKs support for flexible working is still very poor, despite proven benefits

UKs support for flexible working is still very poor, despite proven benefits

New research from pollister GQR states that Flexi-time is currently unavailable to over half (58 per cent) of the UK workforce. This a startling figure which rises to nearly two-thirds (64%) for working-class occupations, despite overwhelming research suggesting that flexible working conditions deliver health benefits for both parties.

Research from ETZ Payments sheds light on the increasing demand for flexible working, with 58% of British workers (17.9 million people) stating that the most popular method of working in the future will be flexible working. 43% of Brits also stated that flexible hours are the most important thing to them when choosing a job, rather than salary concerns. Furthermore, Harvard Business School recently found that flexi-workers were markedly more productive when carrying out the same work as traditional office-bound employees, while Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey 2019 found that Millennials and Generation Z workers may stay in a job for more than five years if their employers are flexible about where and when they work.

Ultimately, it is clear that a huge proportion of the UK workforce realises the benefits of flexible working. It is now time that the employers start to cotton on. Nick Woodward, CEO of ETZ Payments, offers the following commentary:

“Flexible working often allows employees to balance work, hobbies and caring for family members and also allows them to work when they are most productive. If companies want to retain and attract the best talent across all sectors, they need to ensure that they are offering flexible working as an option. Not only do they need to offer it, but they need to make certain that they have the technology in place that allows employers to pay flexible workers on time and without error.”

For more information please visit ETZ Payments website. 

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