5 reasons why you need Digital PR in your brand strategy

5 reasons why you need Digital PR in your brand strategy

Digital PR is one of the most efficient ways to earn links and credibility from authoritative high-tier and niche-relevant media publications. It is used in digital marketing strategies to build an online presence in creative ways. Creating a voice for your brand not only builds trust but also recognition. The more your brand is seen on reputable sites, the more your consumers will value you and your insights.

To share the reasons why you need Digital PR in your brand strategy, Jayna Maya Mistry, Senior Account Manager at Pay-Per-Results PR agency Authority Coms has revealed all.

 1. Brand awareness

If you want to increase your sales, you can’t overlook the relationship you have with consumers. Each market is saturated with similar brands, and you need to try to build trust. This goes for search engines too; you need to become recognised to go far. Before purchasing anything, potential consumers will seek Google for reviews and browse the web to confirm your reputation. Digital PR will help both Google and your audience view content and insights from your experts. This helps to position your brand as an industry leader in the most relevant topics.

 2. Boost credibility

If you are featured in some of the biggest publications, it’s a fantastic way to leverage credibility. Being able to showcase ‘as seen in the press…; logos on your socials and website will show consumers you’re a key contender in your industry and will help to build their trust.

 3. Increase your ROI

Although ROI is not the main objective of digital PR campaigns, the activity can increase web traffic and in turn, sales. Google Analytics can monitor each click through and site visit with conversions added to reports and investigated to find the overall impact. Plus, with pay-per-results companies like Authority the control of costs is in your hand, as you can set the budget and only pay for results.

4. Social sharing

Once you’ve been seen online, other people including influencers, media and customers have the space to share the content with their own audiences. Coverage online is highly accessible and shareable providing you with the opportunity to get further, faster.

5. SEO benefits

Digital PR is the perfect way to enhance the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website. Where possible, online coverage will include a backlink to your website which helps to improve your position in search results. Search engines essentially view backlinks as ‘votes’ and the more you have from reputable high-tier media sites, the more credibility they will give you.

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