Get ready for Black Friday with these top tips from Clicky

Get ready for Black Friday with these top tips from Clicky

Unprepared for Black Friday? Don’t worry, digital marketing agency Clicky have got you covered. Here they share some last-minute Black Friday marketing ideas and actions that can be quickly implemented to help you mark your place amongst the Black Friday chaos!

Site speed

During Black Friday, time is of the essence for everyone head hunting limited offers. It’s imperative that you check your site speed and page loads, reducing where possible, otherwise you could run the risk of consumers shopping elsewhere. You’re also likely to experience a high volume of visitors during this time period, especially if you’re running big promotions, so make sure your website can handle the volume and it’s easy for the user to navigate.


You will want to know how successful your Black Friday campaigns have been, therefore we can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure campaign tracking is set up correctly. Tracking can be achieved by pasting an HTML code from Google Ads onto your website – by doing this you will be able to retain accurate data around your conversions.

Dedicated landing page 

Landing pages should be up early and ideally kept up all year round to maintain search status. Landing pages should contain useful content and email signup for customers to receive the latest Black Friday updates and news. Boohoo is a great example, whereas ASOS creates less urgency and excitement.

Shipping and returns

Free delivery will certainly draw shoppers in, therefore if you offer it, ensure it’s prominent for shoppers to be aware of. A high number of online retailers now offer free delivery as standard. Although shipping is the main priority, returns will also have an influence as to whether someone makes a purchase with you. How easy is it to return? Can you return to the store? Will it cost to return? Shoppers will be expecting to have all of these answers readily available in order to make a quick and informed decision or purchase.

User experience

Approximately 40% of customers will not return back to your site if they have been exposed to a negative experience. Users don’t want to hang around. Remove any possible barriers to purchase ahead of Black Friday.


Consumers are really receptive to remarketing ads as they have already engaged with your website, so you know they have an interest in your brand. Make sure that these consumers are aware of your Black Friday offers, as they are highly likely to convert.

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