Facebook’s UK Market Share Declined by 23% Since August 2019

Facebook’s UK Market Share Declined by 23% Since August 2019

Data gathered by LearnBonds.com indicates that Facebook’s market in the United Kingdom has declined by about 23% since August 2019. By January 2020, Facebook’s market share in the UK was at 37.27%, a drastic drop from August’s 60.51%.

Twitter might surpass Facebook in market share soon

During the last five months, Facebook’s UK market share hit below 50% for the first time [since Jan 2015] in October to record 44.6% of users. The drop was also witnessed in November (43.49%) and December (40.18%) respectively.

Over the last five years, Facebook’s largest market share was recorded in January 2017 at 87.08%. In the subsequent months, the figures kept dropping.

The data further indicates that Facebook still controls 37.27% of the UK social network market. In the second place, we have Twitter closing in at 35.71% while the photo-sharing app Instagram is third at 14.33%.

According to the editor at LearnBonds.com, Justinas Baltrusaitis:

“If Facebook continues to decline in market share, Twitter might emerge as the top social networking platform across the UK.”

Facebook drop in numbers can be attributed to various factors including fake news and the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal. The firm has put in place measures like deploying fact-checkers to curb misinformation.

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