Expert advice on choosing the right beginners motorbike

Expert advice on choosing the right beginners motorbike

With over 40 years experience from their stores in Brentwood, Chelmsford and Basildon, S&D Motorcycles are experts in helping both new and established riders pick the right ride for them.

“It can be confusing choosing your first bike when you are unfamiliar with the choices you have” S&D acknowledge, “firstly, you need to know which classification of motorbike you can ride remember that there is a restriction on the beginner’s AM licence. There are three categories AM (from 16 years of age), A1 (from age 17), and A2 (from 19), that dictate what type of bike you can ride”.

To help new riders make the right decision S&D have identified their top 7 beginners motorcycles….

  1. AJS JSM 50

AJS JSM 50 is a motorcycle that is praised for its all-terrain look and scrambler style – perfect teamed with stylish motorcycle clothing that will give you feel of a Paris-Dakar rally on the street. With its two-stroke engine that has auto lube and a 6-speed gearbox with storage space beneath the locking seat, AJS JSM 50 is an ideal starter bike for AM licence holders.

You can get your hands on this bike by shelling out around £1,750.

  1. Honda Vision 50

Not a motorcycle per-se but more of a scooter, Honda Vision 50 is the best beginner’s ride to step on and off. One of the most economical rides around you can go 147 miles per gallon on this fun ride. Its four-stroke engine is smooth and incredibly refined, and you can fill the 5.5-litre tank for just £6. You have the freedom to choose from 4 colours.

For Honda Vision 50, you will be spending approximately £1,999.

  1. Aprilia RS4 50

Most 16-year-old riders consider Aprilia RS4 50 as their superbike. Designed to be fantastically sporty, we have the perfect accessories and clothing to match. What a MotoGP motorcycle is for professional racers, Aprilia RS4 50 is the same for the beginners. A six-speed gearbox with a two-stroke engine and a race-style rev counter, there’s a whole range of accessories that accompany this ride.

Well, you will be spending around £3,371 for this model, but we can’t complain as replicating a racer doesn’t come cheap.


  1. Kymco CK1 125

Taiwan made, Kymco CK1, which is made to appeal to the young riders with its rebellious style. Powered by a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the Kymco CK1 can reach up to a speed of more than 60mph. As a beginner, you will appreciate all the bells and whistles included in the bike such as gear indicator and digital speedo. For added reassurance, there’s a two-year warranty.

Get ready to spend £1,999 for the 125cc model of Kymco CK1.

  1. Honda CBF125

There’s a reason why Honda CBF125 is the most popular 125cc motorcycle in the UK. Proven for its performance and trusted for its reliability, the bike is the ideal starting point for riders who want to step up their riding experience on the road. Styled with authentic MotoGP graphics, race-style Honda CBR125 is a well-balanced beginner’s motorcycle in its category.

The starting model is priced around £2,699.

  1. Yamaha YZF-R125

None of the brands can master the art of streamlined design as Yamaha. It shows in YZF-R125. For A1 licence holders looking for a superbike, the YZF-R125 is a motorbike with all the features. Exceptional ABS suspension, high-tech engine, and a world-class bodywork put this superbike on the list of best beginner’s motorcycles.

Although all these added features come at a price, which is why YZF-R125 costs around £4,399.

  1. BMW F800 GS

Best motorbike for A2 licence holders, the BMW F800 GS is a marvellous piece of engineering that any 19 year old would love. Its four-stroke two-cylinder engine can throttle up to 85hp, but for A2 licence holders, it’s restricted up to 47hp. A great sports tourer, the BMW GS has unstoppable engineering at its core.

Starting from £8,850, owning this superbike is no cheap deal.

As well as offering sound motorbike advice and a range of clothing and accessories S&D Motorcycles offer a range of servicing options from a simple oil change service to a full strip down and mechanical rebuild with more details on their website.

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