5G network will be a major focus for online security

5G network will be a major focus for online security

In a recent interview with Precisesecurity.com, PrivateVPN Chief Marketing Officer Michael Smolski has talked about the 5G network and online security debate. He noted that security and speed go hand in hand.

Coronavirus impacts VPN uptake

In the coming year, the uptake of the 5G network is expected to rise globally. According to Smolski:

“With 5G coming out and files getting bigger and bigger, speed is something that we think will be a big focus of the online security sector in the next year. You want to provide safety, but you also need to provide speed.”

He also talked about the impact of coronavirus pandemic in pushing for the adoption of a VPN. The CMO gave an overview of PrivateVPN users during the pandemic and possible factors that influenced the usage.

During the interview, the CMO also delved into the censorship of information by communist governments as well as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, Smolski shared his views on whether individuals are concerned about their online privacy today than in the past. He also pointed out that the importance of adhering to online safety at all time but not just sometimes

On matters of data protection, the officer revealed a partnership PrivateVPN ended due to attempts of gathering private information.

The CMO further talked about the main challenges facing stakeholders in the online security sector.

The full interview can be read here: https://www.precisesecurity.com/articles/privatevpn-cmo-5g-network-will-be-a-major-focus-for-online-security/

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