Microsoft are getting ready to launch of Windows 11. Are you ready?

Microsoft are getting ready to launch of Windows 11. Are you ready?

It’s not long now until the official launch of Windows 11, the latest operating system from Microsoft.

As an upgrade to the widely popular Windows 10 OS, Microsoft will once again be wowing users with a newer, fresher experience.

As more information comes to light about the latest software, Ipswich-based IT support service, Lucid Systems will proactively work with clients across the East of England to ensure that local businesses benefit from the newest technology.

If you’re not sure what to expect from Windows 11, here is a brief overview of what has been unveiled so far.

Windows 11 is likely to be released in October 2021

Although the official release date is yet to be confirmed, it is widely believed that Microsoft will release Windows 11 in October.

As with most Microsoft products, the initial release will focus primarily on brand-new laptops and desktops pre-installed with the operating software. Further upgrades to existing Microsoft devices will likely follow in early 2022.

If you believe that you are due an upgrade to your existing IT equipment or feel that it’s time to invest in a new laptop, you may benefit from speaking to the Lucid Systems team. They can offer impartial advice on which technical specifications are ideally suited for your business needs. As well as sourcing affordable computer equipment, Lucid Systems can also set it up on your behalf, ensuring that it works seamlessly with the rest of your network and wider IT infrastructure.

What is the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11?

It’s always important to upgrade your systems as new technology emerges. This is so that you can continue to work from the latest options, including security upgrades and technical innovations.

From the previews that Microsoft has released, it appears that Windows 11 will have a brand-new look and style. It will feel more modern and intuitive. We can expect to find the Start menu in a central position, rather than the traditional left-hand corner, and new layouts have been designed to help you find everything you need.

Over the last few years, businesses have been maximising the use of Microsoft Teams as a collaborative tool. As a result, Microsoft has enhanced the capabilities of MS Teams. They promise that Windows 11 will offer a seamless experience even if you work with people using a non-Windows device.

Lucid Systems advocate for the use of Microsoft Teams as a valuable tool for businesses. They can work with clients to explain how users can get the most out of the software, improving effectiveness and business efficiency.

Will it be expensive to upgrade to Windows 11?

If you’re concerned about spiralling IT budgets, you will be relieved to know that upgrading to Windows 11 will not cost anything extra. The upgrade will be free for existing Windows users with an eligible PC or laptop.

If you are purchasing a new device, the cost of the operating system will be factored into the purchase price. However, Windows 11 will be pre-installed with no requirement to buy any additional licences.

You can stick with Windows 10 if you are not ready to upgrade to Windows 11

Although it is wise to upgrade your systems, there may be many reasons why you prefer to stick with the existing Windows 10 OS for the foreseeable future. Perhaps you are considering an overhaul of your entire IT infrastructure in the near future, or maybe you believe that you have the right system in place for your current needs.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will continue to offer support, including patch fixes and security updates for Windows 10, until 14 October 2025. This means that you can continue to work safely and securely from Windows 10 for the next few years until it reaches its end-of-life.

For those who are keen to work from the new Windows 11 OS, Lucid Systems are poised to help businesses across Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex to upgrade their systems.

As well as sourcing new computers and laptops with the pre-installed operating system, the team will proactively work with their clients to identify who would benefit the most from the new system. This priority list will ensure that they can upgrade current systems as soon as Windows 11 is released to existing users. As a result, lucid Systems can systematically ensure that all of their clients benefit from the latest operating software.

What’s more, as standard, Lucid Systems will manage any installation or upgrade out of hours. This gives businesses peace of mind that they can benefit from the latest technical solutions with minimal disruption.

If you are looking to upgrade your company laptops and PCs to the latest Microsoft Operating System, please phone Lucid Systems on 01473 355199 or visit

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