New hand luggage rules for major UK airports could greatly improve experience for business travellers

New hand luggage rules for major UK airports could greatly improve experience for business travellers

Comments by Kevin Harrison, Managing Director, Good Travel Management

“A recent change at London City Airport will soon be making business travel much quicker and easier. The airport is set to be the first in the UK to scrap the 100ml liquid rule in hand luggage with others soon to follow.

“From the Easter holidays onwards, passengers flying to and from London City Airport will be able to take up to two litres of liquid in hand luggage. Liquids will also no longer need to be placed in transparent, resealable plastic bags thanks to the new technology. This small change is sure to provide business travellers with more flexibility for packing and could help save on the cost of purchasing a checked bag.

“In addition to this, travellers will no longer be required to remove electronics like laptops, tablets or other large electrical items from their hand luggage ahead of security checks, significantly speeding up time spent going through security.

“The changes come as part of the recent rollout of new advanced CT X-ray scanners that will be introduced across all major UK airports, with the government giving airline bosses until June 2024 to take up the new technology.

“The improved security measures will mean airport staff are able to see hand luggage contents in 3D (as opposed to previous 2D), improving the detection of potential threats while reducing queuing times and improving the overall passenger experience.

“While the changes will undoubtedly provide a more efficient service to all passengers, corporate travellers are sure to feel the greatest benefit. The new rules allow those travelling solely with cabin luggage – as most business tourists do – to overcome the hurdle of slow security checks, enabling them to move quickly throughout airports and get on with doing business.

“However, it’s important to note business travellers will still need to check what security measures are in place ahead of travelling, particularly when flying overseas, as this may differ depending on the airport.”

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