How to feel more confident about the future

How to feel more confident about the future

Covid-19 has brough a plethora of new worries, concerns and insecurity to many around the world. Returning to school and work brings with it even more unknowns that are causing sleepless nights for many. Here Mark Fryer from ABSTRACT explains how to feel more confident about the weeks ahead.

In early March, this year, a good friend of mine told me there was a likelihood we would be “locked down” due to Covid-19 for a few weeks. I didn’t want to believe him, even though I was aware that Covid-19 was spreading rapidly. I couldn’t help but feel anxious, insecure and concerned as to what this would mean for my family, my work and my ability to cope.

Our own research has confirmed that confidence is situational – and that we draw references from previous experiences, which enable us to feel confident (or not) when we face those same situations again.

I did not feel confident entering lockdown and my lack of confidence led to feelings of anxiety too. I sought reassurance and strength from others and now, when I look back these past 5 months, I feel more confident in dealing with the easing of restrictions – and possible future lockdown – due to my new references and experiences.

As we emerge from lockdown, I have a juxtaposition to deal with. I am not as confident about things like eating out, flying on a plane, going to an office, travelling on the tube, going to the pub and so on, because these situations though familiar are now very different. So, I – like everyone else – have to go through the process of dealing with the new situation until I feel confident in the new post-Covid version.

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right” Henry T Ford

Henry Ford was right. The voice in our heads holds much power. We must keep our inner monologue positive and accepting to better enable us to venture forward into new situations.

We will feel anxious and perhaps nervous because it’s new and there are many unknowns. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Take a deep breath and walk toward new experiences with the confidence that every other experience that you have dealt with was also new once and you nailed it.

The team at ABSTRACT has perfected the art of developing exceptional confidence in people. Get in touch if you need a helping hand in building confidence in you and your team.

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