OLD is the recycled NEW!

OLD is the recycled NEW!

Whether it’s music, fashion or how we organise our business, some things just seem to come and go on an undulating wave of reinvention. How so? I hear you cry…

Well, we often look to the past for our inspiration of how we want the present and near future to appear. Old bands have influenced new artists; old designers have influenced new trends, and; old fashioned business principles are currently being reinvented in the workplace for the post pandemic 21st Century.

Recent research by Workday (Oct 2021) states that the number one business priority across UK and Ireland is actively building new cultures of trust across respective organisations. Furthermore, creating a more people centric world of work has recently and perhaps unsurprisingly, reintroduced itself.

Leaders are beginning to realise once again, that there are much clearer links between their people functions and their business outcomes. Remember that old maxim ‘garbage in – garbage out’. Well, unless you have a totally automated end to end system, you will undoubtedly need to invest in great people to develop great outputs.

Bite sized, menu based, intelligent and artistic ‘Learning and Development’ programmes are getting noticed and have suddenly moved up the Executive Agenda as a vital part of their overall delivery metrics. Learning and Development no longer appears to be a discretionary budget, L&D is definitely a key component of any organisation’s sustainable future.

Interestingly, the survey also points out that people have a newfound sense of self-importance and are now less likely to compromise their principles at work. So, it really is ‘out with the old and in with the recycled new’!

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