UK’s top business leaders aiming to boost diversity at work

UK’s top business leaders aiming to boost diversity at work

GOV UK announce launch of government-backed board to promote diversity across the UK workforce.

In a move to inspire the next generation of business leaders in the UK, a new government-backed Board comprised of senior industry bosses will meet for the first time on 25th September.

The Men As Change Agents (MACA) “Lead the Change” Board will see some of the most experienced names in business come together to work with organisations across the country, with the aim of encouraging business leaders to act as Change Agents to promote diversity and inclusion in business, and achieving greater equality and opportunity at the top of companies.
This board will support the Hampton-Alexander Review in its efforts to see women constituting 33% of FTSE 350 business leaders by the end of 2020. Board members will also work to increase ethnic diversity in an effort to ensure that each FTSE 100 board has at least one ethnic minority director by 2021.

The key directives of the board are as follows:
1. To take personal responsibility for promoting better diversity and inclusion in business and striving to achieve the targets set out by the Hampton-Alexander and Parker reviews.
2. To promote better diversity and inclusion by sponsoring 1-3 individuals from an underrepresented group within an organisation who have the potential to secure an executive role within 3 years.
3. To be an active and visible Change Agent by being part of the wider business conversation and achieving better diversity and inclusion within an organisation as a result.

Hephzi Pemberton, Founder of Equality Group; one of the UK’s leading consultancy services focusing on promoting inclusion and diversity by helping companies attract, retain and develop diverse talent; provides the following commentary on the announcement of this government-backed initiative and the importance of diversity in the workplace:

“It is extremely encouraging to see that the government is taking steps towards increasing inclusion and diversity in the workplace; it is essential that the public and private sectors work together to ensure that the UK workforce is one that is fully representative of the cultures, genders and ethnicities that are present in our great nation. Bringing in diverse talent at senior levels, in terms of women and BAME professionals, can help to bring new ideas to boards and leadership teams across the country. This will undoubtedly change working cultures for the better, and a more diverse business often means a more profitable business.”

Visit the Men As Change Agents website for further information on the progress and directives of the ‘Lead the change’ initiative.



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