5 Ways to Improve Your Office: Invigorating Workspaces

5 Ways to Improve Your Office: Invigorating Workspaces

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic changed the nature of office working. In fact, according to data collected on Indeed, hybrid working is more popular than ever, as year-on-year searches have increased by 6531% between April 2021-2022.


To make sure your workers are excited to spend time in the office, think about the ways you can invigorate your workspace. Here are five ways to do this.


Decorate with comforting touches

To invigorate your workspace, consider reimaging the interior design of traditional offices. Instead of conforming to professional aesthetics, such as uniform desks and minimalistic designs, you can incorporate comforting touches.

These might be anything from plush furnishings to inviting plants and even a splash of colourful paint. In other words, you can create a space your employees look forward to spending time in, creating a positive environment for your staff.

Yvonne Partridge, a spokesperson at Bi-Silque, has commented on the benefits of decorating with comforting touches, otherwise known as resimercial design:

“It blends home elements into the contemporary workspace, with textures and materials that evoke a sense of comfort – an environment where people enjoy spending time reduces stress and promotes productivity.” So why not try it out?

Take a chance and have a fresh start

If you’re brave enough to take a chance, you can start fresh and move into a new office. This is the perfect opportunity to try something new and experiment with unconventional spaces, such as complexes made of storage containers.

Storage containers are fast becoming a popular addition to cityscapes. Cardiff Containers, for example, operates as a functioning office for hybrid and freelance workers. The complex has all of the usual amenities, such as coffee shops and toilets.

These office spaces can also be beneficial for the environment. Business owners can choose a storage container made of recycled and recyclable steel, meaning that no materials will end up as waste in landfills.


Create collaborative spaces for your workforce

To further improve your office, create collaborative spaces for your employees to work in. These can replace or go alongside existing desk space, allowing people to work together on projects. It might be a refreshing change from home working.

Not only can collaborative spaces help improve communication, but help your employees become more productive throughout the working day. Online meetings can become monotonous and distracting, after all.

In the UK, 18% of business leaders are already considering implementing more collaborative spaces. So, stay ahead of the game and invigorate your office today.

Change floor plans and encourage social interaction

It’s no secret that humans are social creatures. More often than not, we crave interaction and connection with others, feeling happier and more fulfilled when we have strong social relationships. The workplace is no exception.

In fact, research has shown that socialising at work can have a number of benefits. This includes increasing employee productivity, boosting ease of communication, and creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

To encourage social interaction, you can create an open-plan office, rather than having singular desks or pods and position workspaces to be gathered in clusters. It might encourage more talking, but it will be great for invigorating your office.

Installing technology to stay ahead of the game

You can also install the latest technologies to improve your office space. Hybrid working has increased the number of online meetings throughout the day. You can install video conferencing tools in offices, such as large televisions in meeting rooms.

This is only the beginning. Businesses are beginning to install all manner of technologies in their offices, from footfall tracking devices to meeting management apps. So, it’s logical to stay ahead of the game.

These are some of the ways you can invigorate your workplace. Whether you’re ready to move locations or experiment with technology, making some changes can make your office an exciting place to spend your day in. And who said it has to be all work and no fun?

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