Remi Morrison runs Red Cactus Media, a video production company helping businesses in Suffolk and Essex increase sales and awareness through video content.  Here, Remi provides 6 top tips for helping you to relax when being interviewed.

So, stop me if you’ve heard this before. You’ve decided to create a video and talk about your company on camera, or you’ve been nominated as a spokesperson; your mind begins to race and you feel anxious and start to you ask yourself “can I do this? am I going to make a complete fool out of myself?”

Hold on right there! If you have felt like this don’t worry, it’s very common and natural to think this way.  Even as a video producer, I have felt like this.  Being in front of camera is not easy and can cause a ‘funk’ in the most confident people.  You worry because you want to say the right thing and get that perfect video you’ve seen others do, you know….like Louise or Jimmy at XYZ company.

Fear not and don’t worry, here I have some advice for you to help you outshine ‘Jimmy and Louise’ on camera, so you can deliver you key messages.

(Disclaimer: if you’re name is Jimmy and Louise sorry, also you can still shine, so read on)

  1. Be yourself, talk about things that are in your area of expertise and use your own words. Smiling adds a positive energy that your audience will feel
  2. Don’t worry about your hands. I get this a lot, so I just want to say if you naturally express yourself with your hands, it’s fine to incorporate the movement with your answers.  It adds energy and shows you’re passionate about what you’re saying
  3. Smile (depending on subject matter) looking at the camera is not a good idea unless you are doing a direct address such as a vlog– just look at the interviewee. Try to imagine you are having a regular conversation with someone, ignore the equipment.
  4. Try not to script your answers and recall it from memory. The viewers know and it can seem robotic.  Also, your body language will give you away, you may be stiff and anxious, because you’re trying to remember everything
  5. Don’t worry about giving overlong and elaborate answers. A lot of people try to get everything out, so try to think from the viewer’s angle and ask yourself if it’s relevant
  6. Finally, chat with your interviewer before the camera’s start. A good interviewer will always try to talk to you as it builds your confidence with them, and they want you to be your best.  So try to engage, it will help to ease those nerves

Above all, remember to have fun.   It’s just a two-way conversation, and you’ll be fine.  If it’s not live, you can always stop the camera and do it again, or the video can be edited to make you look great and sound great.

If you would like any more tips on interviews and video production, please contact Remi@red-cactusmedia.com  to schedule a call. Always happy to chat, happy creating.

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