Omega Ingredients ensures communication runs smoothly with Chicane Connect

Omega Ingredients ensures communication runs smoothly with Chicane Connect

Omega Ingredients have won several industry awards and international aclaim for their ability to create high quality natural flavours for the food and beverage industry. And when it comes to ensuring their own business communication runs smoothly, they have found a secret ingredient of their own.

Steven Pearce, Omega Ingredients CEO and chief flavour maker, explains: “We serve some of the biggest names in the food and drinks industry, alongside some fast growing startups that may well be the big names of tomorrow. So whilst our base of operations is here in Ipswich, we also have another site in Philadelphia, alongside several other business links throughout the UK, and the rest of the world. As you can imagine, this means we need to have a solid, robust and reliable communication network. We need to ensure our internal calls work perfectly from site to site, and we also have to be sure we can provide a professional call handling and virtual receptionist service for customers when they contact us.”

A reliable telecoms partner

Around ten years ago, as Omega were starting to secure some serious contracts with very well-known brands, they realised they needed to get serious about their business telephony. And as luck would have it, Chicane Connect were based on the same business site as their Ipswich headquarters.

“When it came to the installation, the process ran smoothly. The team from Chicane Connect promised us there would be little to no interruption, and they were correct. They had us up and running in a short amount of time, and since then we’ve never looked back. We’ve rarely had a single issue, and the few times in the last ten years there have been problems, Chicane have resolved things promptly. For anyone who needs business telephony that is reliable, scalable and supported by a dedicated UK-based technical team, then Chicane Connect are the perfect providers.”

Powerful features in your pocket

Steve is a big fan of the soft cell option that comes with the Chicane Connect telephony package. “I travel a lot between sites, attend conferences all over the world, and I’m often out meeting clients. Thanks to Chicane Connect, and their soft cell app, I can quickly and easily turn my mobile phone into my business extension. This means I’m still connected to the business telephone network, and employees and clients can contact me through my extension number. Because it uses Wifi or 4/5G, I’m always there, even when I’m not.”

Chicane Connect provides voice and data solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. Find out more here.

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