The business coach helping micro businesses grow in East Anglia

The business coach helping micro businesses grow in East Anglia

Launching a local business such as landscaping, design agency, a marketing consultancy or online retail can be an exciting prospect and the reasons people choose to embark upon their own ventures vary greatly; from creating a better lifestyle to earning more money.

Nevertheless, the reality is sometimes somewhat different. What with long working hours, no holiday, less pay and a global pandemic, many may grow to resent the independent business they once cherished. However Business Growth Specialist, Phil Budd, has helped businesses from all sectors grow up to 80% with The Business Growth Programme.

Phil said, “It can take someone from outside your business to help you focus on the priorities and strategies that will make a difference – taking your business from good to great.”

Someone who attributes much of their business growth to the expert advice and support he received from Phil’s Business Growth Course is Sean Coyne from Apeiron UK Lawns.

Sean said, “My main objective was to create a business plan with a clear destination and financial goals; and that is exactly what I think I achieved with Phil’s help. The conversion from lead to sale was really helped by the work I did with Phil.”

Professional videographer, Alex Cameron who runs Depiqd Ltd., found the course’s network of business owners a real help during a period of worldwide disruption. Alex commented, “When we went into lockdown for the first time the group factor really came into its own – everyone was there to support each other. Phil really helped us during what could have been an even harder time.”

Along with the group support, Alex feels another valuable element he took from the experience was Phil’s guidance on how to maintain his mental wellbeing and a realistic work/life balance. Alex continued, “He puts your personal goals at the heart of what you are doing; whether that’s finding financial freedom or more family time.”

Due to feeling unsure about tackling business finances, processes, and procedures, Will Mayes from Layrd Design, took advantage of Phil’s initial free consultation. Will said, “Phil really encouraged us to get what we needed from his sessions. I felt like I took away something different every time. By understanding the processes I needed to put in place I could see that I would need to delegate certain responsibilities for the good of the business.”

Phil said, “My role is to help get clarity and focus, to run your business the best it can be and take your team to the next level.”

Previously an agricultural loss adjuster, self-taught artist Iain Hamilton created Bewilderbeest, a quirky and unique handwritten card company. When his girlfriend Maddy was furloughed she decided to work with Iain full time. The business thrived and Iain and Maddy attribute this to Phil’s guidance.

He encouraged Bewilderbeest to pursue wholesale clients and after focusing their efforts on whom to approach and how to do it the wholesale side of the business increased x10. “We are feeling so positive about the future,” said Iain, “And it has definitely shown us the benefits of working with a coach.”

Phil concluded, “Even the greatest business faces challenges and it must adapt and evolve to ensure success. Just as any successful sportsperson recognises that to be the best, they need a Coach, the same can be applied to a business owner.  A Coach gives you an outsider’s view of your performance, identifies how techniques can be improved and ultimately holds you accountable for your performance. In business terms, a Business Coach can support and help business owners be the best and then deliver the growth they want.”

Phil works with businesses in East Anglia in a variety of ways; 121 coaching, group coaching and quarterly planning sessions. The launch of the 2021 Business Growth Programme this Spring is aimed at micro-businesses looking to drive forward change and growth. The 6-month’s of business education, networking and peer to peer support offered in the course is guaranteed by Phil’s commitment that: “If you have attended all the sessions and completed all the actions, but your gross profit does not grow more than the amount you invested in the programme, I will refund your investment in the programme and pay you an additional £180.”

For more information and to see how Phil Budd can help you grow your business visit the Phil Budd Action Coach website 


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