What I learnt from Phil Budd Business Coach

What I learnt from Phil Budd Business Coach

Alex Cameron had been considering how best to reduce the stress of running his videography business when lockdown hit in March 2020. Not knowing how best to do this on his own, Alex decided to reach out to Phil Budd, Business Coach.

Alex met Phil when working on the creation of some professional video testimonials for him. After hearing first hand positive recommendations from other business owners Alex knew that Phil could help him find his feet.

“Phil took the time to understand my situation. I didn’t have a huge budget, so I was delighted when he recommended I join his Business Growth programme. Looking back, I consider the cost of this course a great investment. To say I’ve learned some life changing things from Phil is an understatement.”

Here are Alex’s three key takeaways from working with Phil:

  1. Don’t lose sight of why you started out in business.

Phil’s core message is that a business is a tool to get you what you want from life. It’s there to give you financial freedom, and particularly in my case, more time with my family.

Of course, somewhere along the way I’d lost track of what I wanted my business to achieve for me. Instead, my business had become my life, and my personal goals had taken a back seat.

Through Phil’s coaching, I’ve turned things around. I now work set hours, and then stop for the day. No more answering emails in the evening. That means more quality time with my family. And by focussing on my personal priorities, I’m not only more in tune with my home life, but more productive when I work.

  1. Even in a crisis, you’ll find opportunity if you approach things with the right mindset.

 Lockdown threw my business goals up in the air. At first, it was hard to see how I could keep things running. Then, through Phil’s guidance, I found the clarity and focus I needed to find a way forward. I broadened my core services to offer training, consultation and production options to clients. That has meant I was able to achieve business growth where the old me would have been happy with mere survival, and that’s thanks to Phil.

  1. Always make time to work on your business, not just in it.

 I now allocate half a day to work on ideas for improving my business. I’ll use this time to assess where I’m up to, and whether I’m still properly applying the lessons and insights I learned during the Business Growth programme.

And I still see Phil every three months for our ‘Growth Club’ planning sessions. This means I’m continually building on the foundations of what Phil has taught me.

However, the most important thing Alex learned from Phil is what ‘growth’ truly means.

 I’ve learned how to balance my business with my home life. And that’s changed everything for the better. That was the real growth I needed.

Thanks to Alex and his coach Phil Budd for providing these tips. If Alex’s story resonates with you and your business, contact Phil at businessgrowth@actioncoach.com or on 07592 691699.

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