Top 10 Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Top 10 Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Staff are at the heart of any business, and this is truer than ever for small to medium organisations. By motivating your staff, you will benefit from a better working culture and increased productivity. You will also see fewer absences and lower staff turnover.

Don’t think that money is the driving factor employees look for, for job satisfaction. As a small to medium business you have the benefit of being personal and flexible. Remember there is no one-size-fits-all way to keep your team motivated

So, how can you motivate your staff so that you, your business and your workforce can reap the rewards?

  1. Listen

Be approachable and friendly towards your staff and they’ll feel comfortable enough to come to you with any issue. Make sure to listen to them, whether they have a problem, opinion or suggestion. Take what they’re saying on board and let them see you’re doing just that.

  1. Leave Them to It

Micromanagement reduces job satisfaction and stifles creativity. By getting out the way, you give staff more freedom to do what you employed them to do. Having job authority motivates us as we want to get the job done and do it well; by leaving them to it, not only do you demonstrate trust, but you should also see a good output of productivity, too!

  1. Offer Benefits

If you give staff a reason to, they’ll stay. By offering employee benefits, you’ll incentivise staff more and they’ll see the difference between you and your competitors. At Benefits Cloud you can offer thousands of deals to your staff for as little as £2 per employee per month. If staff recognise the added extra you’re providing at work, they’ll feel better motivated and more productive.

  1. Develop their Careers

Employees aren’t going to feel motivated in their jobs when there’s nothing to aim for. If a job role becomes stagnant, staff will feel demotivate and think “what’s the point?” Are there are career development steps in place? Can you offer training? Or promotion?

  1. Team Build

As a small to medium business owner, we’re guessing your workforce is probably quite intimate too. Building great relationships between your staff will make them want to come to work, which ultimately will increase motivation. From staff days out and teamwork exercises to an early Friday finish and a trip to the pub, it can be whatever suits you and your workforce best.

  1. Be Flexible

If an employee wants to work 4 days a week, for example, then don’t write it off immediately – consider the situation. Perhaps it’s to spend more time with family or simply to work different patterns to save burnout. Whatever the reason, it’s obviously important to this employee so take it on board. Be aware that employees who have worked for you for at least 26 weeks have a statutory right to request to work flexibly.

  1. Take Notice

Recognise their achievements. A study found that 63% of participants said lack of appreciation is the number one problem at work; in reverse, when managers recognised employee contribution, engagement increased by 60%. By taking notice of jobs well done, your staff will thank you for it.

  1. Mostly Work, a Little Play

Don’t be too strict at work, else it’ll be like being treated like a kid at school again. Highlight the importance of screen breaks and encourage your staff to get away from their desks. What about bringing games into the office?

  1. Ask Questions

Running a business can be hard with all the decision making falling on your shoulders. What if you put some questions to your staff to answer? This gives you an insight into their opinion of the company. They might come up with fresh ideas you’d missed!

  1. Sign up to Benefits Cloud

You will know all about investing your money to get a good return on investment and staffing is no different. That return may not be tangible, like sealing a juicy contract or hitting sales targets, but all these things are almost impossible without a motivated, happy and productive workforce. With no long-term contracts and packages from as little as £2 per employee per month, why wouldn’t you?

Bear these top tips in mind when employing staff, making contracts, facing difficult HR issues and in day-to-day running of your business.

With a happy, engaged and motivated team behind you, you will go from strength to strength.

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