Get your stand ready for JTrade without blowing your budget

Get your stand ready for JTrade without blowing your budget

Ari Feferkorn is excited that JTrade is finally coming back this November, and will be bigger and better than ever. However, he is also very aware that many businesses who will be exhibiting this year will still be finding their feet again after the challenges of the last eighteen months. Ari informs businesses about ways they can ensure their stand gets the attention it deserves without blowing their budget.

Start generating a buzz now.

Ari Feferkorn shares his ideas on how to create a buzz.

‘If you look at the front page of the JTrade website you’ll find a countdown to the grand opening. We can’t wait to see the event unfold, and we want to build that sense of anticipation for those who will be attending. We’re generating a buzz, and creating a sense of occasion for our guests and exhibitors to share with us.

So why not join us by generating a buzz for your own stand? The best way to do that is to promise something big. Do you have a new product or service you are launching? Then consider making JTrade the place where the big reveal happens. That way, you can use social media to build a marketing campaign in the run up to the event, and get people talking. Don’t be afraid to add a little mystery into the campaign, and leave people wondering what you have in store for them. If you can keep people guessing, you’ll get them talking, and spreading the word. And at some point, they’ll find themselves seeking you out to find out more.’

Invest in a video showcase.

 Put yourself in the shoes of a trade show attendee. You enter a venue, and instantly you’re surrounded by competing stands, all with something different to offer. In those first few minutes of adjustment, you’re going to face sensory overload. You might pick up a few leaflets, fliers and brochures, but realistically, are you going to sit down and go through them and then decide what interests you? Probably not. More than likely, those leaflets will end up in the hotel recycling bin.

At a trade show, video is the perfect tool for engagement. It can attract the eye, and ear, of people in a busy environment. It can communicate information in the moment, and show off your products or services in a way that cuts through the noise and excitement of a trade show floor. Oh, and if someone has stopped to watch your video, it’s a great excuse to start a conversation, and make a connection.

If you’ve got room in your budget for glossy fliers, consider whether that money could be better spent on a professional looking video instead.

Less is more.

 It can be tempting to throw the kitchen sink into your booth, and bring along every flier, poster and display item you can think of. However, if you make things too cluttered, potential leads can be put off.

Instead, don’t be afraid to keep things minimal. Not only will this lessen your expenditure and transport costs, but it helps keep your messaging clear, and your approach streamlined.

Go large on banners.

A modest stand is great for encouraging people to stop by and take a closer look at what you are offering, but you still need to consider how you can hook people in from a distance. To do this, it’s worth investing in a large banner, ideally with your company logo and strapline printed on the front, to let people know you are in the room. If you shop around, you can find a budget-friendly printing service, and draw a large impact from a low price.

Forget business cards. Jump straight to email.

Why not swap business cards for email conversations? Rather than offer up your card, ask for your prospect’s business card, and then send them an email straight away, with a quick recap of who you are, what you spoke about, and then ask them something that will encourage a reply. It’ll save you money on printing costs, give you an instant ‘in’ to someone’s inbox, and set the prospect process off straight away.

After all, that’s what JTrade is all about. With thousands of visitors already booked to come over two days this year, you’ll be surrounded by many people who have the potential to be your next customers. It’s a great opportunity to grow your business and your network, and we can’t wait to see you there.

JTrade is Britain’s only Jewish trade expo; it connects people in the construction/property market with potential employees, customers and investors. For more information visit the JTrade website 

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