How Covid-19 has changed the way we work forever…

How Covid-19 has changed the way we work forever…

The rise in remote working and flexible working will remain long after the pandemic has gone.  And so it should. We’re not a nation of babies that need constant mothering. We’re a nation of adults, entrepreneurs and knowledgeable experts.

However, for businesses to truly thrive in this new, positive and progressive regime, they need to be prepared with new working models, policies and technology.  Research has proved over and over that people are more productive when working from home. There is significant data that home working increases productivity, cuts down on sick days and creates a reduction in employee dissatisfaction.

It can also benefit employers as much as employees by offering a flexible working pattern.  Highlighting the company’s remote culture and the value it places on creating a work/life balance will attract talent from all corners of the world.  You can hire the best talent when geographical location is no longer an issue.

Managers may fear that they are unable to monitor performance adequately, and, without proper communication the employee may feel unsupported. A lack of interaction with colleagues and managers can have an impact on mental wellbeing too.  There’s also the challenge of maintaining staff development and training without as much face to face contact.

All of this comes down to increasing the quantity and quality of face to face communication.

VoIP really is a game changer.  Companies across the UK are switching to a cloud based phone solution, giving employees the tools to enable a robust business phone system.  VoIP services include conference calling, which can be audio or via video feed.  Employees can convert a standard 1-2-1 business call to a three way group or set up meetings with limitless participants.

With the ‘take your extension with you’ initiative, you have the ability to re-route your business calls to your smartphone – or any other device.  With no hardware or phone lines to install, you can easily scale the capacity of your VoIP service in a matter of minutes, and with plenty of features designed to improved productivity, such as easy call playback, voicemail to email and call waiting, the system offers increased flexibility for your remote workers.

It’s not too late to get your VoIP infrastructure in place to enable your employees to work remotely – get in contact with Chicane Connect today to see how they can help 

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