Is it time you pick up the phone?

Is it time you pick up the phone?

Desktop telephone calls are quickly joining pagers, faxes, and discs on the endangered communications list.  As younger generations resist the use of traditional phone calls and become phone phobic, we take a look at why, sometimes, you should pick up the phone.

Ever received an email that you have agonised over?  Did the sender use capital letters – why are they shouting at me? Are you unsure of the tone? Are they cross?

Maybe you shouldn’t be using email at all.  In a world where technology has allowed us to get away with as little verbal communication as possible, there are times when we should simply be picking up the phone.

Here are some examples of when you should pick up the phone instead of emailing:

  • You need an immediate reply.  You can send an email, you can add a read receipt, and you can wait patiently for a response.  The problem is, whilst it might be urgent to you, it may not be to the other person.  Get that answer directly, call once.  And the truth is, the other person might be in a meeting, or busy, but the ball is now firmly in their court.  Even if you go to voicemail, you can express yourself directly and convey the urgency of the matter appropriately.
  • When multiple people are involved in an email conversation it can be elongated and create confusion.  If you are anticipating lots of questions, or misunderstandings, a conference call involving all parties can quickly align the message.
  • You have an exciting new idea; you want to convey your enthusiasm and want your colleague or client to come along for the ride.  When it comes to new ideas, there is often too much detail to cover.  Pick up the phone, engage with the person.  You can always follow up the conversation with an email covering the key points.
  • Creating rapport.  Whether it’s a business call, networking, or a catch up with a friend, phone calls are the best way to build rapport and cement relationships.  A phone call does a much better job of conveying emotions.  It adds layers of reference material, facts and evidence that might come to you during the conversation, and which you would not otherwise anticipate in an email.
  • Difficult conversations… If you have something awkward to say pick up the phone and use your tone of voice to reassure, empathise and build bridges.

Given all these advantages, it is surprising that we do not pick up the phone more often.  We know that email is an invaluable resource, and it is totally appropriate at certain times.  But why not consider adding the human touch every now and again, see if it helps you to accomplish tasks quicker, or more effectively.

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