Normal landlines will no longer be used

Normal landlines will no longer be used

Phone lines that rely on copper wire networks have been around for centuries, but they are scheduled for decommissioning… soon.

By 2025 the digital platform, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) will be switched off, in the biggest change to telecommunications in over 30 years.

With the move bringing an end to the use of analogue phone lines, the decision, by national telecoms provider BT, has been driven by their heavy investment in IP Technology.

By converging all of its digital services to IP, BT can refocus its efforts into new technology that will meet the future demands of businesses throughout the UK. in effect BT are going to transfer  each exchange onto their  IP platform.

Who will be affected?

BT’s current plan is to stop installing traditional telephone lines and ISDN services in 2023.  Over 2 million UK businesses will be affected by the switch off, many of which will be small and medium sized businesses.

Vulnerable and elderly people who require monitoring equipment for health reasons will need to address their service provision; as will both public and business consumers with burglar alarms linked to police services or security companies and those who heavily rely on fax communications.  As each exchange converts, every telephone line in the UK will have to be reordered on the new digital platform and a Voice Over IP service (VoIP) ordered to work with it.

What is VoIP and what can it do for me?

VoIP, also known as IP telephony, internet telephony or a broadband phone, is a relatively new technology that works by taking analogue voice signals and converting them into digital signals.  These signals are then sent as data over a broadband line.

VoIP technology has developed to the point where it can satisfy most, if not all, user requirements. The technology is flexible and scalable, which means it can work for a small start-up to large corporate businesses.

There are many benefits of using VoIP, such as:

  • No hardware or maintenance costs. All you need are handsets, a hosting package does the rest.
  • Free calls between extensions, no matter the geographic distance between offices.
  • Voicemails to email inboxwhere you can listen, sort and respond to them quickly
  • Record and monitor callsand a dashboard of call statistics and playback options
  • Conference calling for as many people as you need
  • Caller ID, call waiting, call blocking and easy call transfer
  • Take your extension with you. Extension mobility can route calls to your smartphone – or other device.
  • Stay connected anywherethrough 1-2-1 messages and group chats and screen sharing – wherever you are.
  • See who’s online, on the phone and availableto ease communication whether you’re together or not

The biggest advantage of VoIP is that your business will save money and increase productivity. You will be receiving phone calls over the Internet, cutting out the expense of line rentals for each call, instead consolidating both your Internet and voice communication costs. Plus you can easily transfer your direct line to your mobile or simply plug the handset in at home and you’re all set. Particularly helpful in the new covid era.

Why Chicane Connect are the partner to support you through this change

Businesses at risk due to the BT 2025 switch-off can speak to Chicane Connect and benefit from the team’s many years of experience with VoIP technology and data. This is supported by our trusted partners and resellers, which means we can seamlessly install our hosted VoIP solution to businesses of any size, anywhere in the UK, ensuring you are operating at the peak of business effectiveness.

Our web-based VoIP plans allow you to connect your employees anywhere in the world, easily taking business calls from your home PC or mobile. You never have to miss an important call again with our voicemail to email solution – and you will have access to call data reports and even receive email transcripts of your voicemails.

With less than three years to plan for this switchover, and with technical support declining for ISDN technology, now is the time to start making plans for your switch over to Voice over IP technology. Contact Chicane Connect for advice.

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