Scrutton Bland and Tech East strike partnership to offer support to Tech Enterprises

Scrutton Bland and Tech East strike partnership to offer support to Tech Enterprises

Scrutton Bland has partnered with leading business and innovation supporters Tech East in a new relationship designed to help entrepreneurial and break-out tech enterprises create, build and grow their business operations.

Tech East has County Council and Chamber of Commerce backing throughout the Eastern region and works closely with centres of academic excellence and innovation in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and the newly launched Innovation Centre at the University of Essex.

Their remit is to shine a light on the dynamic ecosystem that is found across the East of England and make it easier for Tech companies operating in the region to attract and connect with government and private investors.

For the Scrutton Bland Group, a leading provider of financial and business advisory services, the partnership with Tech East is an obvious collaboration according to James Tucker a Partner and Tech Sector specialist at the firm.

“Our strategy as a business is to ensure that we are continually researching and adopting innovative practices across our all our services, so when we started speaking with Tech East about how we might align ourselves, it seemed like a natural fit.”

He continues “As a regional firm we work with companies who are in the start-up, scale-up and late stage of their evolution. The one common theme that we hear from our clients is how much of a drain it is on their time and resources to get their business operations compliant and in a position where they can gain the funding they need to develop. That’s why we were delighted to team up with Tech East.”

The East of England is quickly gaining a reputation as a fertile patch for innovative and entrepreneurial businesses, which according to James Tucker is great for both the local economy and the region’s economic resilience. “Entrepreneurial and start-up businesses must be, by their very nature agile and flexible. Being at the forefront of technical and digital developments can often mean that the tech sector can be reactive and can quickly adapt, creating new opportunities by providing solutions and services to fit where there is the greatest need. This is where we step in, the business advisory services we offer mean that we deal with the financial and compliance requirements, leaving our clients with more time to get on with developing their products and their businesses.”

Tech East provide support and advice to businesses at every stage of their development, not just at the start-up. Tim Robinson, Chief Operating Officer at the organisation believes that creating a panel of strategic Partners means that Tech East can provide its members with all the advice they need to succeed “Professional advice, particularly in areas such as accounting, and finance becomes particularly beneficial as businesses grow and the complexity of their financial requirements increases. One of the things which impressed us about Scrutton Bland was that they will tailor their services around each business whatever point they are in their evolution. Our members have a wide range of advisory needs from basic accounts preparation through to seeking the finance they need to expand or even arranging a sale when the time is right, so it’s important that we have a partner who can provide the range of support our members need”.

There are a number of different membership categories to suit most digital tech businesses from individual memberships to large companies. More information can be found at the Tech East website.

Photo:  James Tucker, Business Advisory Partner

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