Travel spotlight on child friendly holidays to Singapore

Travel spotlight on child friendly holidays to Singapore

Tracey at Tailor & Made  talks about travelling to Singapore – and shares some fun facts about the tropical paradise.

On the 28th January 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles landed in an obscure fishing village in Asia.

Just 200 years later Singapore is a thriving metropolis with children and gardens at its heart.

The city has the only tropical garden with a UNESCO World Heritage Site tag, Singapore Botanical Gardens – 156 years old and with an average a 4.5 million annual visitors it is a must see for any tourist.

Singapore puts its energy into raising smart and environmentally aware children, they regularly top the list of ‘smartest children in the world’ for math and science and the Jacob Ballas is the first garden in Asia dedicated to children. They also have two national days a year, in July & October, dedicated to children  – to celebrate their achievements and show appreciation.

The city zoo has been named best in Asia and third best in the world and is open at night where you may take a train around the zoo and see the nocturnal creatures at play.

Singapore was also the first city to host a Formula 1 race at night, in 2008, this continues annually and the next race is in September 2019 and packages are already on sale, including race tickets.

The country is a business powerhouse and has more millionaires than the rest of the world. To thank the country the National Bank has encrypted the whole of the National Anthem onto is €1000 note.

When travelling to Singapore you will arrive in Changi Airport, voted the world’s best since 2016. Once you have landed you can whizz around the city by MRT, monorail, or by bus and as you would expect it is fuss free and efficient.

In the city you will not starve as there is an average of two new restaurants opening daily plus there are fabulous food courts and street hawkers selling every type of cuisine.

Just a couple of more unusual facts:- 7th November is National Tree Planting Day, 19th November is World Toilet Day and the Singapore Kindness Movement teaches all citizens ethics and good manners.

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