Fancy a vacay but don’t want to break the bank? Check out these options…

Fancy a vacay but don’t want to break the bank? Check out these options…

Summer is here and with it arrives the annual stream of social media snaps (Instagram yes, you’re the guilty one here). Rather than letting these posts force you into delivering the classic FOMO fuelled ‘hate like’, why not jet away for a more affordable vacay?Get out off the sofa and be the one generating those ‘hate likes’!  

Fear not, whether you’re a little strapped for cash, used all of your holiday allowance or simply haven’t got around to booking something, leading serviced apartment provider Cuckooz has found 10 weekend break destinations all within two hours of the UK and with flights and hotels costing as little as £227 per person for a two night break. 

Cuckooz picked 10 awesome city break options within 2 hours flight of their home town of London (other UK airports are available) and looked at the cost of flights for two people travelling from a Friday to a Sunday for the August bank holiday and the average cost of a hotel in the city centre, to find the cheapest options for a last-minute break away from work in the summer sun.

It’s no secret that Berlin is having a bit of a moment. It’s the place to pick for a bank holiday weekend away on a budget, with a hotel for two nights costing an average of just £172 and a return flight for two for £282, resulting in a total cost of £454 and just £227 per person. 

With Dublin being just a short hop over the Irish Sea, it’s the next best option, to Berlin with and a weekend for two costing just £233 per person! 

Being home to the European Commison this city is also very affordable! Coming in at just £246 per person Prague, Edinburgh, Paris and Oslo can all also be done for the August bank holiday on a budget of less than £300 per person!

Amsterdam and Copenhagen will set you back £313 and £327 per person respectively, but for those that really want to go big, a weekend in the millionaire’s playground of Monte Carlo would cost £560 per person. Pretty reasonable considering.

Co-founder of Cuckooz, Fabienne O’Neill, commented: “A weekend away certainly doesn’t have to break the bank and even when booking something last minute and for a bank holiday weekend, there are some very awesome but affordable options available. 

“We’ve looked at the average cost of a hotel in each city centre, but there will almost certainly be accommodation that will cost you less.

“The increasing preference of more experiential options like serviced and managed apartments also means there is a greater variety of places to stay above and beyond your traditional hotel.

“By opting to go for something a little different, you can experience actually living in the city in a local neighbourhood, with better facilities and more space, and still have some spending money for while you’re exploring.”

For further information visit the Cuckooz website.

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