5 Benefits of Electric Forklifts

5 Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Warehouse environments and construction sites have preferred LPG-fuelled and diesel forklifts for many years. However, this sentiment has changed over the past few years, with industrial companies preferring electric forklifts. Some of the reasons they have cited for this change include powerful engines, higher load capacities, safety, versatility and more. Below, we will explore these and other benefits of switching to electric forklifts.

Superior Performance

Electric forklifts come with advanced technology that helps improve their performance. This includes features like better power handling, better control in tighter spaces and automatic braking that make them easy to manipulate while remaining powerful enough for numerous applications. Additionally, eclectic forklifts have been built for both outdoor and indoor use, can lift heavier loads than LPG-fuelled forklifts and can handle several types of materials.


Because they rely heavily on electric systems, electric forklifts offer better safety than their diesel and LPG counterparts. A great example is the application of automatic parking brakes. Some forklifts, such as the forklifts by Mitsubishi, apply the parking brake automatically once they detect that you have left the driver’s seat. The parking brake can be deactivated once the driver returns to their seat and presses a button.

These forklifts by Mitsubishi also reduce the travel speed if they sense a tight cornering angle. This can be very important in maintaining the right speeds in busy and narrow warehouse spaces. If safety is a concern for your business or if you operate a warehouse with limited space, consider the electric forklifts by Mitsubishi which are sold by companies like Multy Lift. Multy Lift is a UK based forklift company, dealing with diesel, LPG, and electric forklifts. They have a wide range of forklifts for sale and hire, and also sell used forklifts for businesses that would like to keep their budgets low.

Low Operating Costs

Low operating costs would not be a factor to consider for businesses that operate one forklift occasionally. However, businesses that own more than one forklift and use them frequently should consider operating costs, which can add up quickly. Electric trucks have lower operating costs than their diesel counterparts.

The main reason is that electricity is generally cheaper than diesel and LPG. Second, electric forklifts have fewer moving parts than diesel and LPG-fuelled forklifts. This results in fewer parts that need servicing and repair and thus lower maintenance costs. Fewer parts also mean electric forklifts are more reliable than diesel and LPG-fuelled forklifts.

Ideal for Smaller Spaces

Electric forklifts are ideal for smaller construction or warehouse spaces. Many of them are shorter than six feet, which means they can fit in low-level builds. They are also usually narrower than their diesel counterparts. Other features that benefit them include a compact turning radius that can make a huge difference in small spaces.

Lower Noise Levels

Because they use electric motors, electric forklifts are almost entirely silent. The only noise they make is when the tyres are rolling, and their reverse alarm is beeping. Prolonged noise from diesel forklifts can damage hearing and be a safety hazard when it distracts workers.

If you are looking to replace your current fleet of forklifts or want to hire one, go with an electric one. These forklifts have many benefits and are better than their diesel and LPG counterparts in many ways.

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