Get your packing ready for the holiday season

Get your packing ready for the holiday season

While Santa may have an in-house manufacture, transport and supply operation capable of flying billions of parcels all over the world, the rest of us rely on a complex logistical chain to get our goods from A to B. Which is why it’s important to ask yourself whether your supply and deliver operation is ready to meet the increased demand that Christmas will bring?

If your business imports components from other countries, or consolidates items from various locations into finished product lines, you’ll already understand the strain Christmas brings. And with the prospect of driver shortages and other unwanted gifts, this year promises more challenges than ever before.

With fulfilment guarantees to be honoured, and your customer reputation hanging in the balance – not to mention your profit margins – now is the time to get a plan in place to overcome these challenges.

Are you equipped for a spike in demand?

How quickly can you scale your current logistical network? If, say, your sales team have forecast a five-fold increase in demand, are your warehouse and transport teams ready to unload, inspect and repackage the increased volume of shipments you’ve got on order?

If you’re making plans to hire untrained and unprepared temporary staff to bolster your numbers in the run up to Christmas, now may be the time to consider whether there’s a better option available.

Velocity has capacity and expertise ready and waiting to help your business capitalise on increased demand over Christmas

More and more businesses are outsourcing their logistical, picking and packing needs to Velocity in the run up to Christmas. Velocity has flexible warehouse capacity, and the ability to receive, unload and inspect shipments on your behalf. And their specialist staff and equipment can meticulously combine, repackage and dispatch items at speed, to meet your delivery guarantees.

We support SMEs when they need it most.

The truth is, rapid growth or sudden increases in demand can trip your business up, at the moment you should be toasting your success.

Warehouses that once seemed huge suddenly become cramped due to storage demands.

And when short-term or agency staff are brought in to meet demand, training falls by the wayside, mistakes get made, and products – not to mention reputations – can incur damage. And that can lose you major contracts, and wipe out profits.

Right now, shortages of equipment, raw materials and drivers are making things more challenging than ever for those with immature or untested logistical chains.

Thankfully, Velocity’s expertise and resources can navigate you through the pitfalls that increased growth and demand present. Many businesses already understand the value of placing their accountancy and HR support in the hands of specialist partners. Your logistic network is no different.

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this year, and get in touch with our friendly team? Speak to us today.


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