Lyreco propose delivery consolidation to cut carbon emissions

Lyreco propose delivery consolidation to cut carbon emissions

Companies across the UK are missing out on a potential 58% saving in carbon emissions by not consolidating deliveries, according to Lyreco, the worldwide office supplies and workplace solutions company.

Through analysis of almost 15,000 deliveries under £100 to its customer base, Lyreco has found consolidation of deliveries can reduce the associated carbon emissions by 58% – equating to more than 50 tonnes of CO2 for the average company.

The analysis also highlighted that before consolidation, the majority of carbon in the supply chain was split between freight (44%) and fixed assets (28%).

Georgina Weston, strategic account manager at Lyreco, says: “We’re finding increasingly that companies are looking for long term strategies to decrease their carbon footprint and increase their green credentials. However, just as important is taking action now with simple, clever changes that make a big difference, such as planning ahead to consolidate deliveries to sites.

“As 90% of the carbon footprint of a company is held in its supply chain, even what is seemingly a small change can make a big difference. Our analysis of 15,000 deliveries showed that a 58% saving in carbon emissions could be achieved through consolidation, and this significant saving is easily achieved by customers working in partnership with suppliers.”

To put the savings achievable in context, it would take a year for 58 acres of forest to consume the amount of carbon saved by consolidating 15,000 deliveries.

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